Syed A. Aftab

Aftab, Syed A.
180 Park Ave - Building 103
Florham Park, NJ

Wireless Demand Forecasting, Network Capacity Analysis, and Performance Optimization, State-of-the art analytical approaches encompassing statistical methods, constraint optimization techniques, queuing models, graph theory, and network flow models for wireless traffic engineering.

Wireless Network Data Mining and Analytics, Wireless networks generate large amount of data, which often outpaces our ability to gather, parse, analyze, understand and infer from it.

Client Communications Center, Client Communications Center makes it easy for sales & marketing to quickly email or ship collateral to customers, or to post announcements to the intranet.

DPP (Design, Price, Propose) Tool, The DPP tool is flexible and can be used to write sales proposal and contracts for all AT&T products and services, including Access