Steven Phillips

Phillips, Steven
180 Park Ave - Building 103
Florham Park, NJ

Steven Phillips speaks about our unique research environment in this video:

Technical Documents

Logistic methods for resource selection functions and presence-only species distribution models
Steven Phillips, Jane Elith
AAAI conference,  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Copyright

A statistical explanation of MaxEnt for ecologists
Jane Elith, Steven Phillips, Trevor Hastie, Miroslav Dudik, Yung En Chee, Colin Yates
Diversity and Distributions,  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

Wiley-Blackwell Copyright

Voting power and target-based site prioritization
Steven Phillips, Aaron Archer, David Applegate, David Johnson, Robert Pressey, Desmond Torkornoo, Matthew Watts
Biological Conservation,  2010.  [PDF]  [BIB]

Elsevier Copyright

A regression approach to infer electricity consumption of legacy telecom equipment
Steven Phillips, Sheryl Woodward, Mark Feuer, Peter Magill
ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review,  2010.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright


Systems, Devices, And/Or Methods For Managing Sample Selection Bias, October 16, 2012
System and apparatus for recognizing speech, April 16, 2002
Assigning and processing states and arcs of a speech recognition model in parallel processors, June 19, 2001
AT&T Science & Technology Medal, 2009. For invention, leadership and advocacy of maximum entropy methods and Maxent software in conservation biology.