Bin Wei

Wei, Bin
180 Park Ave - Building 103
Florham Park, NJ

Scalable Ad Hoc Wireless Geocast, An ad hoc protocol for addressing messages to geographic areas and its public safety and gaming applications

Technical Documents

Visualization research with large displays
Bin Wei, Claudio Silva, Eleftherios Koutsofios, Shankar Krishnan, Stephen North
IEEE Comput. Graph. Appl.,  IEEE Computer Society Press,  v20,  #4,  pp 50--54,  2000.  [PDF]  [BIB]


System And Method For Peer To Peer Video Streaming, March 8, 2011
Energy-Efficient Design Of A Multimedia Messaging System For Mobile Devices, August 3, 2010
Method For Creating And Providing Layered Syndicated Data For Multimedia Content To Users, May 18, 2010
System And Method Of Collecting, Correlating, And Aggregating Structured Edited Content And Non-Edited Content., August 25, 2009
Personalized Multimedia Services Using A Mobile Service Platform, July 28, 2009
Hardware-Assisted Visibility-Ordering Algorithm, October 5, 2004