Elaine J. Weyuker

180 Park Ave - Building 103
Florham Park, NJ

Elaine Weyuker is an AT&T Fellow doing software engineering research. Prior to moving to AT&T she was a professor of computer science at NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Her research interests currently focus on software fault prediction, software testing, and software metrics and measurement. In an earlier life, Elaine did research in Theory of Computation and is the co-author of a book "Computability, Complexity, and Languages" with Martin Davis and Ron Sigal.

Elaine is the recipient of the 2008 Anita Borg Institute Technical Leadership Award and 2007 ACM/SIGSOFT Outstanding Research Award. She is also a member of the US National Academy of Engineering, an IEEE Fellow, and an ACM Fellow and has received IEEE's Harlan Mills Award for outstanding software engineering research, Rutgers University 50th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Award, and the AT&T Chairman's Diversity Award as well has having been named a Woman of Achievement by the YWCA. She is the chair of the ACM Women's Council (ACM-W) and a member of the Executive Committee of the Coalition to Diversify Computing.

Technical Documents

Empirical Software Engineering Research - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Elaine Weyuker
Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement,  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

IEEE Copyright

Does Measuring Code Change Improve Fault Prediction?
Robert Bell, Thomas Ostrand, Elaine Weyuker
7th International Conference on Predictive Models in Software Engineering (Promise2011),  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

Assessing the Impact of Using Fault-Prediction in Industry
Elaine Weyuker, Thomas Ostrand, Robert Bell
Testing: Academic & Industrial Conference (TAIC 2011),  2011.  [PDF]  [BIB]

IEEE Copyright

Software Testing Research and Software Engineering Education
Thomas Ostrand, Elaine Weyuker
Workshop on the Future of Software Engineering Research,  2010.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright

Programmer-based Fault Prediction
Thomas Ostrand, Elaine Weyuker, Robert Bell
Proc. PROMISE2010,  6th International Conference on Predictive Models in Software Engineering,  2010.  [PDF]  [BIB]

ACM Copyright

Finding Fault: Developing an Automated System for Predicting Which Files Will Contain Defects
Thomas Ostrand, Elaine Weyuker
Making Software: What Really Works, and Why We Believe It O'Reilly Media, Inc. ,  2010.  [BIB]

ACM Presidential Award 2010. The ACM Presidential Awards are given to leaders of Information Technology whose actions and achievements serve as paragons for the field. Recipients have demonstrated generosity, creativity and dedication to their respective missions.

Anita Borg Technical Leadership Award, 2008.

ACM SIGSOFT Outstanding Research Award, 2007.

ACM - Women in Computing Co-Chair, 2004.

AT&T Chairman's Diversity Award, 2004.

IEEE Harlan D. Mills, 2004.

IEEE Fellow, 2003. For contributions to the formal foundations of software testing.

National Academy, 2002.

YMCA Woman of Achievement Award, 2001.

AT&T Fellow, 2000. Testing software systems: Honored for seminal contributions having significant impact on testing software systems.