AT&T Research Academic Summit 2016

Thu Mar 31 09:00:00 EDT 2016 Thu Mar 31 09:00:00 EDT 2016, Thu Mar 31 09:00:00 EDT 2016 - Fri Apr 01 17:00:00 EDT 2016 Fri Apr 01 17:00:00 EDT 2016, Fri Apr 01 17:00:00 EDT 2016

AT&T Labs at One AT&T Way, Bedminster, NJ


Session 1: SDN, NFV, and Routing






Abstractions for Programming Line-Rate Routers


Anirudh Sivaraman MIT  

Scalable Routing


Ankit Gupta University of Southern California  

Experience in Implementing & Deploying a Non-IP Routing Protocol VIRO in GENI (Demo)


Braulio Dumba University of Minnesota, twin cities  

Towards Support for Programmable Forwarding Pipelines in ONOS


Carmelo Cascone Politecnico di Milano / Open Networking Laboratory  

Magellan: Generating Multi-Table Datapath from Datapath Oblivious Algorithmic SDN Policies (Demo)


Christopher Leet Yale University  

An Architectural Approach to Evolving SDN


Cody Doucette Boston University  

Adaptive Resilient Routing via Preorders in SDN


Eman Shehata University of Minnesota  

Software Defined Data Center Transport


Ghufran Baig University of Texas at Austin  

MARX:Maximizing Available Resources in Existing ISP Backbones


Jennifer Gossels Princeton University  

Memory Reservoir: Leveraging Network Function Virtualization for Agile Traffic Engineering and High Utilization


Kuan-yin Chen New York University  

SNAP: Stateful Network-wide Abstractions for Packet Processing


Mina Tahmasbi Arashloo Princeton University  

PISCES: A programmable, protocol independent software switch


Sean Choi / Muhammad Shahbaz Stanford University /Princeton University  

Maximum Entropy Robust Routing


Varun Chandrasekaran New York Universiy  

RAILS: Redundant Array of Independent Links


Zhiyuan Teo Cornell University  

Session 2: Security, Policy, Cloud Management, and Monitoring






BigMaC: Enabling Network-wide Wildcard Rule Caching for Software-Defined Networks


Bo Yan New York University
Tandon School of Engineering

Towards a Marketplace for Networking in the Cloud


Da Yu Brown University  

NetAlytics: Cloud-Scale Application Performance Monitoring with SDN and NFV.


Guyue Liu The George Washington University  

SDNShield: Protecting Software-Defined Network's Resources from Saturation Attacks


Kuan-yin Chen New York University  

Automated verification of safety properties of declarative networking programs


Lay Kuan Loh Carnegie Mellon University  

Coding Schemes for Memory-Efficient Switches


Ori Rottenstreich Princeton University  

Propane: Programming Distributed Control Planes (Demo)


Ryan Beckett Princeton University  

Correct Network Virtualization


Soudeh Ghorbani UIUC  

VeriPlane: Verifying the Data-Plane Flow of Correct Network Control Programs

Tyler Lewski Lehigh University  

A Graybox Approach for Topology Abstraction, Dynamic Rule placement and Verification


Vasudevan Nagendra Stonybrook University  

NetEgg: Scenario-based programming for SDN policies (Demo)


Yifei Yuan University of Pennsylvania  

One Sketch to Rule Them All: Rethinking Network Flow Monitoring with UnivMon


Zaoxing Liu Johns Hopkins University  

SDN-based Remote Home Network Management


Yang Zhang University of Minnesota  

Session 3: Applications, Cellular, and Vehicular Networks

Title Student Affiliation  

Proteus: A network service control platform for service evolution in a mobile software defined infrastructure (Demo)


Aisha Syed University of Utah  

Cloud-assisted browsing for latency and energy reduction in cellular networks (Demo)


Ashiwan Sivakumar Purdue University  

SIMECA: SDN-based IoT Mobile Edge Cloud Architecture (Demo)


Binh Nguyen University of Utah  

OpenLive: Agile Crowd-Sourced Live Content Delivery with Media Function Virtualization


Bo Yan New York University
Tandon School of Engineering

ExtendingSDNtoCellular NetworkEnd Devices(Demo)


Ibrahim Ben Mustafa Old Dominion University  

An In-depth study of Mobile Browser Performance (Demo)


Javad Nejati Stony Brook University  

CFA: A Practical Prediction System for Video QoE Optimization


Junchen Jiang CMU  

Reflection: Automated test location selection for cellular networks


Mubashir Adnan Qureshi University Of Texas At Austin  

Magus: Minimizing Cellular Service Disruption during Planned Upgrades


Xing Xu University of Southern California  

VeShare: A D2D Infrastructure for Real-Time Social-Enabled Vehicle Networks


Yanyuan Qin / Chaoqun Yue University of Connecticut  

Mobile Adaptive Video Streaming over MPTCP


Yeon-sup Lim University of Massachusetts Amherst  

Analyzing the Power Consumption of the Mobile Page Load


Yi Cao Stony Brook University