AT&T at International World Wide Web Conference

Mon Mar 28 10:31:00 EDT 2011 Mon Mar 28 10:31:00 EDT 2011, Mon Mar 28 10:31:00 EDT 2011 - Fri Apr 01 10:31:00 EDT 2011 Fri Apr 01 10:31:00 EDT 2011, Fri Apr 01 10:31:00 EDT 2011

Hyderabad, India

Contact: Yih-Farn Robin. Chen

AT&T Research will be presenting tutorials and demonstrations that explore different facets of mobile search, including the use of speech and multimodal interface and the use of data mining to gather information.



Speech and multimodal interaction in mobile search (tr32)

Mon Mar 28 13:30:00 EDT 2011 at Mon Mar 28 13:30:00 EDT 2011


Demo session 7: Social TV and video search: Junlan Feng

VoisTV: Voice-Enabled Social TV (D-49), and
Filtering microblogging messages for Social TV (D-50)

Fri Apr 01 13:30:00 EDT 2011 at Fri Apr 01 13:30:00 EDT 2011


Poster Session (Digital Preserve): Yih-Farn Robin. Chen

Interactive WWW2011 Poster Session in Virtual World

in collaboration with Allan Ellis (Southern Cross University), Bebo White (SLAC), and Javier Velasco (Univ. of North Carolina)