The Data-Driven Approach to Network Management: Innovation Delivered

by: Jennifer Yates, Fri Jun 04 15:32:00 EDT 2010

The complexity in IP networks is staggering: massive volume, multi-step paths from start to end, and applications and services with strict demands and no tolerance for delay.

These new services add immeasurable complexity to the job of network management while requiring ultra-reliable networks.

AT&T's solution is to drive problems and glitches from the network, and AT&T Research is supplying the innovations to do it.

Statistics Can Find You a Movie, Part 2


Year 2 of the Netflix contest began with some believing BellKor was closing on the 10% goal. In a single year, the team achieved 8.43%.

But the “easy” part was over, and progress slowed to a crawl.

It wasn’t clear BellKor would be the first to 10%. The team barely won the first progress prize, and now with a paper published, all its secrets were revealed.

Network Data with a View on Society


As people move through cities with mobile devices, they leave traces of their location and patterns of their communications, opening a new window onto society.

The information comes most alive, often beautifully, when incorporated into visualizations.

Overlaid on maps, the patterns of movement, and the reasons for it, become apparent. 

Book Interview: Chuck Kalmanek


A new book, Guide to Reliable Internet Services and Applications, describes some of the innovative approaches needed to deliver services reliably. The first chapter is available for downloading.

Chuck Kalmanek, one of the book's editors and vice president of network management research at AT&T Labs Research, talks about why the book is needed.