The Official Story on AT&T Mark the Spot

by: Mark Austin and Mike Wish, Tue Oct 05 16:47:00 EDT 2010

Customers and engineers evaluate the network differently. Engineers want precise metrics:  data speed, retainability, throughput. Customers care about completing calls, fast downloads, and smooth playing of video and music.

What's the overlap between the two domains? To find out, AT&T created the Mark the SpotSM app. It lets customers easily report problems they care about while automatically appending the network metrics needed by engineers.

The resulting data, when analyzed by AT&T Research and Network Teams, helps AT&T better understand both the network and customers, prioritize upgrades, and validate other data sources.

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Adriana López-Alt
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner


Using the Hard Problems of Math for Internet Security

"Mathematics can be beautiful. It’s ordered and structured, and once you accept its axioms, everything in math makes sense. Cryptography is able to exploit hard problems in math to make life easy for the good guys and hard for the bad guys.”

- Adriana López-Alt

Marcelo Worsley
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner


Designing Multimodal Interfaces for More Natural Interactions

"Humans easily infer a lot from a combination of inputs: speech, facial expressions, gestures. Computers have a hard time doing this. But if they could, there's a world of neat things that could be done to improve how we live, how we learn."

- Marcelo Worsley