A Call for More Energy-Efficient Apps

by: Staff with Alexandre Gerber, Subhabrata Sen, Oliver Spatscheck, April 7, 2011

When apps aren’t designed to work efficiently with the cellular network, performance suffers for the end user, batteries drain faster, and network resources are not well-utilized.

The issue has always been a lack of visibility into the complex interactions between apps and the lower-layer protocols normally hidden by APIs.

New technology created by AT&T researchers with colleagues from the University of Michigan is now making these interactions visible, and showing developers how simple design changes can result in energy-efficient apps that use less battery power and respond faster to user input.     Read more 

Understanding Internet Traffic


Internet traffic growth is slowing, but video is growing more than 80% annually. These findings and others were made by Alexandre Gerber and Robert Doverspike after analyzing Internet traffic over AT&T Networks. Their analysis, which has implications for efficient use of backbone capacity, is detailed in a paper presented at OFC/NFOEC.

Free iPad app for displaying TeX documents


The iTeX iPad app, from William Cheswick and available on iTunes, displays technical documents exactly as rendered by TeX. Land- scape and portrait formats are supported as are larger type sizes. Text is rendered as images, making iTeX language-independent.

Source code will soon be available from the iTeX webpage.  

AT&T Research projects featured in AT&T ads


Some of the futuristic technologies featured in AT&T's Network of Possibilities ads are based on projects from AT&T Research.

One ad features AT&T's real-time speech translation and its AirGraffiti augmented-reality app (built to demonstrate network support for location-based services). Another ad shows Geocast for outdoor GeoGaming.

Mikkel Thorup
AT&T Fellow 2011


Mikkel Thorup,
Lead Member of Technical Staff

Each year, the President of AT&T Labs awards the AT&T Fellow Honor to a few selected recipients.

One of three honorees this year, Mikkel Thorup is being honored "for outstanding innovation in algorithms, including advanced hashing and sampling techniques applied to AT&T's Internet traffic analysis and speech services."

Theodore Johnson
AT&T Fellow 2011


Theodore Johnson,
Lead Member of Technical Staff

The AT&T Fellows Honor traces its tradition from Bell Labs and is awarded for extraordinary technical breadth and depth demonstrated over a career of achievement.

Theodore Johnson is being honored "for outstanding contributions in database and data stream processing systems."

Edward Amoroso
AT&T Fellow 2011


Edward Amoroso, Senior VP and Chief Security Officer

A dinner to celebrate this year's recipients will be held March 30, attended by current Fellows and AT&T upper management, with a speech by CTO John  Donovan.

Ed Amoroso is being honored "for a distinguished career in pioneering contributions and innovations in the architecture design and development of information security."

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Technical Documents

Inside Out: Reliable Performance Prediction for Distributed Storage Systems in the Cloud
Rajesh Panta, Moo Ra, Chin-Jung Hsu, Vincent Freeh

TANGO: Toward a More Reliable Mobile Streaming through Cooperation between Cellular Network and Mobile Devices
Rajesh Panta, Kaustubh Joshi, Nawanol Theera-Ampornpunt, Saurabh Bagchi, Tarun Mangla, Ellen Zegura, Mostafa Ammar

Deconstructing Domain Names to Reveal Latent Topics
Cheryl Flynn, Kenneth Shirley, Wei Wang

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