The Connected States of America maps communities

by: Alexandre Gerber, Deirdre W. Paul, James R. Rowland, and Christopher A. Rath, July 3, 2011

Borders—national, state, and city—exist for historical, geographic, cultural reasons. But how do they relate to communities people form through close interactions with others? As highlighted in a New York Times Op-Ed on Phone-call Cartography, researchers are using aggregated, anonymous cell phone data to map people’s self-formed communities and understand how they intersect with administrative borders.

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Paper on mining twitter data named Best Paper at SWSM


Extracting Descriptions of Problems with Product and Services from Twitter Data by AT&T Researcher Narendra Gupta was named Best Paper at this year’s Social Web Search and Mining Workshop.

The paper describes a new way to mine Twitter data to find customer-complaint tweets related to a company’s products or services. Recently the technique helped generate more accurate alarms, sometimes before a ticket was opened.

Latest speech translation technology enables Spectra


Spectra is a free iPhone and iPad app that accurately translates in close to real time, allowing for more natural, conversation-like interactions, whether in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, or Italian.

The speech translation technology behind Spectra, as featured in this ad, was created at AT&T Research. Spectra also incorporates AT&T WATSONTM and AT&T Natural Voices®.

Michael Jordan on Bayesian nonparametric modeling


Michael I. Jordan will discuss Bayesian nonparametric modeling based on completely random measures, while giving examples of how recursions based on these measures lead to useful models in several domains, including protein structural modeling, natural language processing, compu- tational vision, and speech recognition. The talk, part of AT&T's Distinguished Speaker series, will take place October 5 at 3:30 in the Florham Park auditorium. Click here for directions.

Computers and Intractability is most-cited CS book


According to Microsoft Academic Search (currently in beta), a resource for academic and technical publications, Computers and Intractability: A Guide to the Theory of NP-Completeness by Michael Garey and AT&T Labs executive director David Johnson is the most cited computer science book. Published in 1979, this book was the first on the theory of NP-completeness and computational intractability and is now considered a classic.

Announcing ECHO, a social music listening service trial


AT&T Research is launching a limited trial of ECHO, a social music listening service that lets music lovers listen to the music they want "together". Users can follow a DJ (or be one), chat and use social networking concepts to discover new music or just spread the music love. With Napster as a partner, song choice is almost unlimited.

Want to learn more? Check it out here.

Graphing one billion Internet connections


This striking image by Yifan Hu represents an Internet graph with over a billion connections. It may well be the first visualization of a billion-edge graph.

To lay out such a large graph requires the tailoring of a 64-bit version of sfdp. In addition, an OpenGL-based renderer is developed, which works in a streaming fashion to save memory. The next challenge: interacting with such a huge graph to make sense out of it.

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Technical Documents

Bridging Heterogeneous Domains With Parallel Transport For Vision and Multimedia Applications
Raghuraman Gopalan

SourceSight: Enabling Effective Source Selection
Divesh Srivastava, Theodoros Rekatsinas, Amol Deshpande, Xin Luna Dong, Lise Getoor

Data Quality for Temporal Streams
Divesh Srivastava, Tamraparni Dasu, Rong Duan

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