StorEBook: How Goldilocks and the Three Bears is Driving Text-to-Speech Technology

by: Spencer Seidel,

When it comes to critics of machine-generated speech, three-year-olds might be the toughest around. If they are going to sit and listen to their favorite stories, a witch better sound evil and a wolf better huff and puff.

Current text-to-speech (TTS) systems are not up to the challenge of expressing the often strong emotions in children’s stories. AT&T researchers are looking to add expression for dramatic effect with the StorEBook project, which uses word prominence to not only please the young set but also to improve TTS for everyone.   Read more

Easy Remote: Television’s First Killer App


With hundreds of channels, how do you find what you want to watch? 

It's easy if you’re an AT&T U-verse® TV customer because you can now use the Easy Remote app to turn your iPhone or iPad into a voice-controlled remote. Just say what you want, and Easy Remote will return a list of shows matching your search criteria. Easy Remote relies on AT&T WATSONSM and other AT&T Research technologies, and was productized with help from the AT&T Foundry.  Read more

Musings on Human-Computer Interaction


Lana Yarosh blogs on topics related to human-computer interaction (HCI), with a special emphasis on child-computer interaction and ubiquitous and social computing. Her passion is designing technological interventions to solve real-world needs.

The views, opinions, and artwork expressed on her blog are all her own. This week's topic is ShareTable, a workstation that lets remote users interact by voice, video, and workspace.

Profiles in Innovation: Emiliano Miluzzo


Inspired by the engineers in his family and by the study of math and science, Emiliano Miluzzo wants to make a big impact on the lives of millions of people.

He may get his chance. As an AT&T researcher focused on mobile devices and pervasive computing, he’s using the latest machine-learning and interface techniques to create entirely new ways for devices and people to interact. As he says in this profile, the goal is to improve daily life in many dimensions.

Profiles in Innovation: AT&T Researcher Lana Yarosh


Lana Yarosh wants to make positive changes in people's lives by making communications technologies more engaging and more fun for families. New to AT&T Labs - Research, she has the requisite expertise in computer science, but she also has a background in design and psychology, giving her more insight into understanding people and what they want out of technology. In this profile, she talks about how her background helps her as an AT&T researcher.

Profiles in Innovation: Taniya Mishra


Taniya Mishra’s work and life revolve around language and, now, children. A speech researcher who speaks five languages, she works on expressive speech synthesis (see profile). Her StorEBook project, a children's e-reader, explores how best to make voices embody a character’s emotions so a wolf sounds scary and a teacup sounds cute. Her own children (serving as a built-in user base) love the "story game" though probably miss its larger goal—improving speech synthesis for everyone.

Profiles in Innovation: AT&T Researcher Kevin Li


Kevin Li as an AT&T researcher has the freedom to work on projects that aren’t just six months out. Given this opportunity, he is studying how people naturally interact with the world and using this information to design interfaces that require less cognitive effort to learn. One project, which he describes in this profile, is a haptic-enabled steering wheel that delivers navigation information using tactile signals, rather than visual or audio cues that can distract drivers and interfere with safe driving.