Building Speech Applications Just Got Easier: AT&T Releases Speech API

by: Staff, June 29, 2012

Speech interfaces are becoming de rigueur because users find them easy to use. But implementing these interfaces is not easy. Speech technologies are complex and require expert knowledge. AT&T should know. The AT&T WATSONSM speech engine represents decades of speech research and over 20 years of continuous use in the company’s large-scale dialog systems.

For the first time, this advanced technology is being made available to outside developers as the Speech API. Now developers have an easy way to incorporate fast, accurate speech recognition to build voice-enabled applications.     Read more

To understand the data, move it closer


Understanding massive data sets is a continuing research challenge. As the scale of data increases, the limitations of static 2D and 3D data representations become more apparent.

In this video, created as part of AT&T’s continuing STEM outreach, researchers commandeer a Kinect to more directly interact with data. Through the use of simple gestures, it becomes easy to pull data closer or manipulate it to view it from a global or local perspective.

Technology-driven plot lines, by AT&T


In an episode of Touch, a Fox TV drama about human interconnectivity, a father aims his smart phone at a building to retrieve a message left by his autistic son. This scene both advances the story and demonstrates Air GraffitiTM, prototype technology from AT&T Research to tag a physical location "in the air" with videos, photos, and songs.

Story and technology are even more tightly integrated in the Daybreak web series debuting May 31.

Mihai P?tra?cu is a recipient of Presburger Award


Mihai Pătraşcu is a joint recipient of the EATCS 2012 Presburger Award, which acknowleges the contributions of young scientists in theoretical computer science.

The problems studied by Pătraşcu involve efficient data structures and understanding how computers can most efficiently represent and manipulate data. His contributions to fundamental results on lower bounds for data structures revolutionized and revitalized a field that was silent for over a decade.

Encouraging women to consider STEM majors

Alicia Abella

Women and minorities have traditionally avoided majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). But as the need grows for more scientists and engineers, STEM fields must become more inclusive. 

In this US News and Report interview, Alicia Abella, executive director of technical research at AT&T Labs, describes what colleges, professionals, and parents can do to encourage women to consider STEM majors.

Charles Kalmanek named to net-neutrality panel


Charles Kalmanek, Vice President of Research, AT&T Labs, Inc., has been named to the Open Internet Advisory Committee. Set up by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), this committee will study the impact of the FCC's 2010 net-neutrality order and make recommendations for preserving the open Internet.

Representatives from Netflix, Disney, Mozilla, and other companies will also serve on the committee.

A service that won’t let you forget


Ever drive off without your wallet, laptop, or other needed item? Got My Stuff, a new, car-based project from AT&T Research may fix that problem. It works like this.

When you turn your car key, Got My Stuff checks to make sure you don't forget items you need for your destination. But why limit such a useful service to the car? Got My Stuff may soon move to the home, the workplace, and other locations where it’s possible to forget something.


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