Attacking Asthma with Advanced Telehealth Monitoring

by: R. R. Miller,

Those who suffer from asthma may soon benefit from a device that warns that an asthma attack is likely. The devicemaker? AT&T.

As healthcare becomes increasingly data-driven thanks to a new generation of inexpensive sensors, it will require a medical communications infrastructure to securely transmit sensor data to where it’s needed—to doctors, hospitals, and medical researchers. AT&T Research is laying the groundwork now, not just for the asthma device, but for a whole host of other sensor-based devices that will transform healthcare.  Read more.

Alicia Abella on "Geek is the New Chic" Panel


As part of the Columbia Women in Business Conference, Alicia Abella, Executive Director of Innovative Services Research, will be part of the panel “Women in Technology: Geek is the New Chic." Discussion will focus on how technology is transforming the world and what women can do to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated area.

The conference is February 1 and will be held at the Marriott Marquis in central New York city. If interested, register here.

QNX In-Car Speech System Leverages AT&T WatsonSM


QNX announced a software framework that extracts meaning from a driver's words, enabling in-car systems to set destinations, create appointments, do Internet searches, and perform other complex tasks. The framework enables in-car systems to leverage the AT&T WatsonSM.

A prototype system was demoed at CES in a concept car built from a Bentley Continental, with press coverage in The New York Times, Washington Post, Engadget, and other news sites.

Want to Make a Difference? AT&T Research is Hiring


AT&T Labs - Research is looking for talented individuals to do fundamental and applied research in computer science and electrical engineering, specifically in the areas of algorithms, networking, speech and language processing, mobile computing, multimedia, social media, visualization, statistics and machine learning, software systems, data mining and management, cloud computing, wireless technologies, and HCI. If interested, go here for more details.

Human-Mobility Research Featured in CACM


Human Mobility Characterization from Cellular Network Data, the cover article for January's Communications of the ACM, describes the huge potential in using cellular network data to study large-scale patterns in human mobility. Written by AT&T researchers and colleagues from Princeton University, the article focuses on commuting patterns, but cellular data—ubiquitous and obtained at low cost—can also be used to understand the spread of diseases and many other consequences of human mobility.

Profiles in Innovation: AT&T Researcher Bob Bell


Bob Bell grew up loving puzzles. Today as a statistician at AT&T Research, he is still solving puzzles, using his mathematical skills to tease out, from an often messy data set, the stories and information necessary to solve a particular problem, whether it’s to improve AT&T’s technical services or to discover key insights into a prediction problem, as it was during the Netflix Prize.

In this profile he talks both about his work and the importance of motivating students to pursue STEM studies.

Profiles in Innovation: AT&T Researcher Amanda Stent


As a high-school student, Amanda Stent fell in love with programming, finding in it a way to make something true about the world. As an AT&T Researcher working on interactive systems that use language, she looks to new technologies such as virtual assistants as a way to make life easier for people, while giving those with disabilities the freedom to live independently. In this profile, she describes her work at AT&T Research where she has the opportunity to invent and innovate alongside colleagues she respects.