When Cell Towers Fail: Quantifying the Customer Impact

by: He Yan, Zihui Ge, Matt Osinski, Jennifer Yates, Wed Mar 06 13:46:00 EST 2013

When cell towers fail, what happens to customers? In a resilient network where customers may simply move from a failed tower to another one nearby, the answer is not always clear. Nor can it be captured by manual assessments that count the number of failed towers and estimate population density, thus ignoring how an outage may be dispersed over a wide area.

What’s needed is an in-depth analysis of network data, and it's why AT&T researchers created the AT&T Tower Outage and Network Analyzer, which looks at the complex interactions among customers and towers to intelligently assess the impact to all customers in the immediate area. Read more.


Robert Miller Named a Healthcare Innovator-Hero


For his innovations in technology and communications to improve healthcare, Robert Miller was honored to receive the 2013 New Jersey Healthcare Hero award by Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, a number of NJ Hospital Groups, and NJBiz Magazine. With devices such as smart slippers for preventing falls and a VOC-detecting device for warning of a possible asthma attack, Miller is aiming to transform healthcare from merely treating sickness to maintaining wellness. 

Paper on IP Traffic Matrices Stands Test of Time


For the second year in a row, the ACM SIGMETRICS conference conferred its Test of Time Award on a paper co-authored by Nick Duffield. This year the award—given to a previous conference paper whose impact is still felt 10 years later—went to the 2003 Fast Accurate Computation of Large-Scale IP Traffic Matrices from Link Load for its "novel, remarkably fast, and accurate method for practical and rapid inference of traffic matrices in IP networks from link load measurements."

Mobile App Optimization Gets "Sexy"


Application battery performance "sexy"? Yes, according to this article, which describes how IBM is integrating the AT&T Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) with its own development software. The goal is to enable enterprises to create mobile apps that use less battery power and are more network-friendly.

Created at AT&T Research, ARO is a free diagnostic tool available from the AT&T Developer Program

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