Into Main Memory: Nanocubes for Interactively Visualizing Billion-Point Data Sets

by: Lauro Lins, James T. Klosowski, Carlos Scheidegger,

For exploring large, complex data sets, nothing matches the power of interactive visualizations that let users directly manipulate data and arrange it in new ways.

But with data sets of millions or billions of data points, interactivity is hard to achieve. It’s hindered by the sheer number of computations required to return a query result, and by the latency inherent in accessing data so big it requires disk storage. AT&T researchers realized the best way to maintain interactivity was to move all data into main memory. How to do that was the challenge, and it required a new type of data structure: the nanocube. Read more.

Mobile Applications with Visual Intelligence


The AT&T Visual API is a network service providing Visual Intelligence to enterprise and mobile applications by transforming content into textual and indexed representations.    Over the last two decades, AT&T has continued to develop world-class content analysis and computer vision technology. Video segmentation, album management, audio and video near-copy detection, face detection and recognition, natural language-based search, and quality assessment are just a handful of exposed capabilities.

Channel Surf Safely with U-verse® KIDS! App


Two AT&T Innovators – both of whom happen to be moms – realized that while their children could recognize their favorite characters on the TV screen, they were sometimes unable to find the right channel.  Or worse, they would click to see a show that might not be so kid-friendly.  AT&T Labs researcher, Taniya Mishra, and U-verse product marketing manager, Diane Kearns, decided to come with a simple solution.

Federation as a Service from AT&T Labs


Computer federation services from AT&T allows for seamless interaction between contacts in different organization. Federation as a service connects different software systems to federate and operate as if they are on the same platform. To learn more about federation messaging services from AT&T visit about.att.com. Computer federation services from AT&T allows different software systems to federate and operate as if they are on the same platform.