Understanding the Science Behind Small Cell Deployment

by: Sarat Puthenpura, Thu Nov 07 10:03:00 EST 2013

The continued surge in mobile data demand, paired with the finite nature of spectrum resources, and the desire to provide customers with the highest quality service has landed network operators in an interesting position over the last few years. In response to these needs, several carriers have turned to small cell technology as one solution to address these challenges. Small cells are low-power radio access nodes that provide a resourceful network solution for coverage, capacity, and quality.

Mobile Applications with Visual Intelligence


The AT&T Visual API is a network service providing Visual Intelligence to enterprise and mobile applications by transforming content into textual and indexed representations.    Over the last two decades, AT&T has continued to develop world-class content analysis and computer vision technology. Video segmentation, album management, audio and video near-copy detection, face detection and recognition, natural language-based search, and quality assessment are just a handful of exposed capabilities.

Interested in the Visual API and ready for a challenge?


The Visual API Challenge is a 40 Day Event that asks YOU to explore, interact and develop the Visual API!  Register today for the 40 day challenge and win prizes.

The AT&T Visual API was featured as part of the Alpha Program APIs in the Developer Summit 2014.  Keep an eye on the Visual API SDK for a chance to download and try the application on your own photos, too!

Federation as a Service from AT&T Labs


Computer federation services from AT&T allows for seamless interaction between contacts in different organization. Federation as a service connects different software systems to federate and operate as if they are on the same platform. To learn more about federation messaging services from AT&T visit about.att.com. Computer federation services from AT&T allows different software systems to federate and operate as if they are on the same platform.

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Technical Documents

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