Into Main Memory: Nanocubes for Interactively Visualizing Billion-Point Data Sets

by: Lauro Lins, James T. Klosowski, Carlos Scheidegger, October 17, 2013

For exploring large, complex data sets, nothing matches the power of interactive visualizations that let users directly manipulate data and arrange it in new ways.

But with data sets of millions or billions of data points, interactivity is hard to achieve. It’s hindered by the sheer number of computations required to return a query result, and by the latency inherent in accessing data so big it requires disk storage. AT&T researchers realized the best way to maintain interactivity was to move all data into main memory. How to do that was the challenge, and it required a new type of data structure: the nanocube. Read more.

AT&T and Interactions Agree to a Strategic Transaction


In the pursuit of achieving a universally accurate, natural language interface that works seamlessly across devices, applications and systems, Interactions Corporation and AT&T announced an agreement to transfer ownership of the AT&T Watson℠ technology and research program in order to integrate and further drive development of a new generation of advanced speech and multi-modal services.

AT&T Hosts SDN Academic Summit


AT&T Research recently hosted a joint AT&T / academic summit focused on Software Defined Networking (SDN). The summit aimed to expose the unique technical challenges that carriers face related to scale, complexity, operations and geographic scope, and to drive increased academic focus on these challenges and collaborations with AT&T.

Alicia Abella discussed ongoing transition to telco cloud with RCR Wireless


In an interview with RCR Wireless News at the IEEE GlobeCom show in Austin, Alicia Abella, AT&T’s AVP of the cloud technologies and services research organization, discussed AT&T’s ongoing transition to operating on a telco cloud platform.  Abella called the move to become a cloud-based enterprise a “big transformation” and a “complex undertaking.”