SQM Research: Reinventing Customer Experience

by: By Spencer Seidel, February 20, 2015

You’ve probably seen the ads. Two geeky guys traveling across the USA, making sure AT&T has the nation’s strongest LTE signal. Cute, right? Funny, too.

But have you ever really considered how all those cat videos get to your smartphone? How truly amazing it is that a little electronic gizmo can connect you to almost anyone in the world in an instant? Just how monstrous a task those two geeky guys have taken on?

The true story behind those ads is that keeping AT&T services operating at peak performance takes thousands of technicians, all supported by intelligent systems and processes. Read more

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AT&T Labs Research is a premier industrial research facility. We are dedicated to solving real problems in networking, data mining, large-scale systems, and in speech, language, cloud computing and video processing and to designing and deploying innovative services. We explore fundamental research topics related to these goals.

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AT&T UC Federation Launch


Imagine you need to contact a colleague in a different organization at a moment’s notice. You can’t IM them, because they use a different system, and you don’t know if they’re at their desk and available. It can be impossible to connect in real-time over disparate unified communication systems. But not anymore.

AT&T announced the availability of UC Federation. Business teams can now collaborate more easily by instant messaging and checking the online presence of colleagues across multiple networks.

AT&T and Interactions Agree to a Strategic Transaction


In the pursuit of achieving a universally accurate, natural language interface that works seamlessly across devices, applications and systems, Interactions Corporation and AT&T announced an agreement to transfer ownership of the AT&T Watson℠ technology and research program in order to integrate and further drive development of a new generation of advanced speech and multi-modal services.

Alicia Abella discussed ongoing transition to telco cloud with RCR Wireless


In an interview with RCR Wireless News at the IEEE GlobeCom show in Austin, Alicia Abella, AT&T’s AVP of the cloud technologies and services research organization, discussed AT&T’s ongoing transition to operating on a telco cloud platform.  Abella called the move to become a cloud-based enterprise a “big transformation” and a “complex undertaking.”

AT&T Hosts SDN Academic Summit


AT&T Research recently hosted a joint AT&T / academic summit focused on Software Defined Networking (SDN). The summit aimed to expose the unique technical challenges that carriers face related to scale, complexity, operations and geographic scope, and to drive increased academic focus on these challenges and collaborations with AT&T.