SQM Research: Reinventing Customer Experience

by: By Spencer Seidel, Jennifer Yates, February 20, 2015

You’ve probably seen the ads. Two geeky guys traveling across the USA, making sure AT&T has the nation’s strongest LTE signal. Cute, right? Funny, too.

But have you ever really considered how all those cat videos get to your smartphone? How truly amazing it is that a little electronic gizmo can connect you to almost anyone in the world in an instant? Just how monstrous a task those two geeky guys have taken on?

The true story behind those ads is that keeping AT&T services operating at peak performance takes thousands of technicians, all supported by intelligent systems and processes. Read more

A Call out to Academia: The AT&T SDN Network Design Challenge


As we transition to a software-centric network, our goal is to virtualize 75 percent of AT&T’s network by 2020. To do this, we must be nimble and move quickly. Join the first-ever AT&T SDN Network Design Challenge. It’s a contest asking some of the brightest minds in SDN and NFV to provide us their ideas about how to design a better software-controlled network. - Read more

Innovation Showcase

AT&T is mobilizing your world - so you can spend more time on the connections that matter.  We're creating the network of the future, built on software-defined network concepts.  Our vision is to deliver a flexible and more open platform that provides the next generation of communications services - think customized and instantaneous.  Check out the projects that are bringing this vision to life. #ATTShowcase