Software-Defined Storage

by: Yih-Farn Robin Chen, September 8, 2015

Cloud storage for both consumers and enterprises is growing at a phenomenal rate, fueled by the growth in Big Data, Mobile, and Social Networks. It is becoming a major cost component in the cloud infrastructure and any Web-scale cloud services today. While raw storage is cheap, the performance and data durability requirements of cloud storage frequently dictate sophisticated, multi-tier, geo-distributed and managed storage solutions.

Traditional storage systems use dedicated storage hardware and networking to guarantee that the storage QoS requirements such as throughput, latency, IOPS, and reliability are preserved.  Unfortunately, these dedicated resources are frequently underutilized.   Cloud computing promises efficient resource utilization by allowing multiple tenants to share the underlying networking, computing, and storage infrastructure, but it is difficult to provide end-to-end storage QoS guarantees to individual tenants due to the noisy neighbor problem. Read more

2016 AT&T Research Academic Summit


AT&T is transitioning its carrier grade multi-service network into a software-defined intelligent SDN/cloud-based infrastructure. The AT&T 2016 Research Academic Summit took place on March 31 - April1, 2016 in Bedminster, NJ. This workshop aimed to introduce students to the unique technical challenges AT&T faces, and to enhance AT&T / academic collaborations.

USENIX Test-of-Time Award


NSDI awarded its 2015 Test-of-Time Award to our 2005 paper “Design and Implementation of a Routing Control Platform.” This work was an important step in Software Defined-Networking (SDN). Since then we’ve put the technology to work in AT&T Netbond and SDN has become a cornerstone for our current network transformation.

Innovation Showcase


AT&T is mobilizing your world - so you can spend more time on the connections that matter.  We're creating the network of the future, built on software-defined network concepts.  Our vision is to deliver a flexible and more open platform that provides the next generation of communications services - think customized and instantaneous.  Check out the projects that are bringing this vision to life. #ATTShowcase

Omnichannel Analytics


Calls, chat, emails and tweets. AT&T’s customer care team interacts with millions of customers everyday. And we are working to improve the customer experience with behind the scenes technology from AT&T Labs.

Our researchers developed a platform called omnichannel analytics. It looks across all customer care channels to study the customer journey. It helps our customer care team make smart, data-driven decisions in a matter of minutes, and even seconds. Using the platform we can provide more proactive responses to customers.

Software Defined Storage


Every minute, new videos, pictures, phone calls and emails are born. Let that soak in for a second. Data is increasing even as you read this sentence. It is increasing faster than it used to. In fact, the world created 90% of its data in the past two years.

As the volume of data explodes, so does the cost of storing and maintaining it. As companies become more data driven, cost effective data management is critical to business success.


Mobile Call Recording


Time is money. For the banking industry, it’s their business. Brokers need the flexibility to take orders while on the fly. Mobility is critical for banks and financial services organizations.

But it’s not as simple as taking an order. Regulations require verification for transactions like a stock trade. And sometimes an order comes in when brokers are not at their desk. That’s why financial companies need a way to record these transactions

Service Quality Management


The Service Quality Management program at AT&T is improving the network experience for our customers. This program transforms how we manage our network.

Researchers at AT&T Labs work with our network engineers to learn about the experiences of our customers. They try to see the network the way customers see it.

Discover the Science Behind the Service - AT&T Labs


Learn about the innovative projects that AT&T Labs are working on, including data, cloud, network, services and more. Learn how AT&T Labs provides the tools needed to create innovative technologies. 

We Are Hiring


AT&T Labs Research is a premier industrial research facility. We are dedicated to solving real problems in networking, data mining, large-scale systems, and in speech, language, cloud computing and video processing and to designing and deploying innovative services. We explore fundamental research topics related to these goals.

Current research areas are listed on Our Research page

AT&T UC Federation Launch


Imagine you need to contact a colleague in a different organization at a moment’s notice. You can’t IM them, because they use a different system, and you don’t know if they’re at their desk and available. It can be impossible to connect in real-time over disparate unified communication systems. But not anymore.

AT&T announced the availability of UC Federation. Business teams can now collaborate more easily by instant messaging and checking the online presence of colleagues across multiple networks.

AT&T and Interactions Agree to a Strategic Transaction


In the pursuit of achieving a universally accurate, natural language interface that works seamlessly across devices, applications and systems, Interactions Corporation and AT&T announced an agreement to transfer ownership of the AT&T Watson℠ technology and research program in order to integrate and further drive development of a new generation of advanced speech and multi-modal services.

Alicia Abella discussed ongoing transition to telco cloud with RCR Wireless


In an interview with RCR Wireless News at the IEEE GlobeCom show in Austin, Alicia Abella, AT&T’s AVP of the cloud technologies and services research organization, discussed AT&T’s ongoing transition to operating on a telco cloud platform.  Abella called the move to become a cloud-based enterprise a “big transformation” and a “complex undertaking.”

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Technical Documents

Background Traffic Optimization for Meeting Deadlines in Data Center Storage
Rajesh Panta, Shijing Li, Tian Lan, Moo Ra

OSCAR: An Optimized Stall-Cautious Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Algorithm for Mobile Networks
Vijay Gopalakrishnan, Emir Halepovic, Rittwik Jana, Rakesh Sinha, Ahmed H. Zahran, Jason J Quinlan, Cormac J. Sreenan, Darijo Raca

Valet: Holistic Data Center Optimization for OpenStack
Joe D'Andrea, Kaustubh Joshi, Matti Hiltunen, Gueyoung Jung, Bharath Balasubramanian

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