Software-Defined Storage

by: Yih-Farn Robin Chen,

Cloud storage for both consumers and enterprises is growing at a phenomenal rate, fueled by the growth in Big Data, Mobile, and Social Networks. It is becoming a major cost component in the cloud infrastructure and any Web-scale cloud services today. While raw storage is cheap, the performance and data durability requirements of cloud storage frequently dictate sophisticated, multi-tier, geo-distributed and managed storage solutions.

Traditional storage systems use dedicated storage hardware and networking to guarantee that the storage QoS requirements such as throughput, latency, IOPS, and reliability are preserved.  Unfortunately, these dedicated resources are frequently underutilized.   Cloud computing promises efficient resource utilization by allowing multiple tenants to share the underlying networking, computing, and storage infrastructure, but it is difficult to provide end-to-end storage QoS guarantees to individual tenants due to the noisy neighbor problem. Read more

AT&T Releasing Its Network Playbook into Open Source


AT&T aims to build global community to rapidly accelerate network and cloud innovation. Making our current Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy (ECOMP) platform available in open source will enable global service providers and cloud developers to meet non-stop network demands as data-hungry technologies take off.

We Are Hiring


AT&T is on a transformative journey towards creating next generation networks, which opens up exciting opportunities for research in how networks and services of tomorrow should be designed, operated, and managed at planetary scale.

AT&T Labs Research is looking for passionate and talented researchers in the areas of: Big Data for Network and Virtualized Services, Cloud Technologies, Networking and Service Quality Management, Optimization for Networks, and Intelligent Services.

Two from AT&T Research Named IEEE Fellow


Jia Wang and Shubho Sen from AT&T Labs – Research were elected as IEEE fellows for ”contributions to measurement and management of large operational networks” and for “contributions to analysis of cross-layer interactions in cellular networks, respectively”.

Jen Yates Blogs - Striking the Right Note: How Music Led to My Career in STEM


Women 2.0 published a blog authored by Jen Yates, Assistant Vice President of the Networking and Service Quality Management Research, highlighting the role music played in her journey to a career in STEM.

2016 AT&T Research Academic Summit


AT&T is transitioning its carrier grade multi-service network into a software-defined intelligent SDN/cloud-based infrastructure. The AT&T 2016 Research Academic Summit took place on March 31 - April1, 2016 in Bedminster, NJ. This workshop aimed to introduce students to the unique technical challenges AT&T faces, and to enhance AT&T / academic collaborations.

Software Defined Storage


Every minute, new videos, pictures, phone calls and emails are born. Let that soak in for a second. Data is increasing even as you read this sentence. It is increasing faster than it used to. In fact, the world created 90% of its data in the past two years.

As the volume of data explodes, so does the cost of storing and maintaining it. As companies become more data driven, cost effective data management is critical to business success.


Mobile Call Recording


Time is money. For the banking industry, it’s their business. Brokers need the flexibility to take orders while on the fly. Mobility is critical for banks and financial services organizations.

But it’s not as simple as taking an order. Regulations require verification for transactions like a stock trade. And sometimes an order comes in when brokers are not at their desk. That’s why financial companies need a way to record these transactions

Service Quality Management


The Service Quality Management program at AT&T is improving the network experience for our customers. This program transforms how we manage our network.

Researchers at AT&T Labs work with our network engineers to learn about the experiences of our customers. They try to see the network the way customers see it.