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About AT&T Labs Research


AT&T Labs Research is dedicated to advancing the science and technology of communications and information to create innovative services founded on these advancements.

Grounded in a research heritage that spans decades, our unique culture values the creative drive of researchers who are both leaders in their scientific and engineering communities and inventors and innovators of new technologies that fullfill our mission  — to support AT&T's continuous efforts to improve the network, services, and the customer experience.

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Photo of Marian Croak
Marian Croak
Senior Vice President
Domain 2.0 Architecture and Advanced Services Development
AT&T Services, Inc.

Photo of Christopher Rice
Christopher W. Rice
Vice President
Advanced Technologies,
AT&T Services, Inc.


Marian Croak, Senior Vice President - Domain 2.0 Architecture and Advanced Services Development

Marian is Senior Vice President of Domain 2.0 Architecture and Advanced Services Development. She is responsible for a team of more than 2,000 developers, researchers, engineers and program managers who manage over 500 programs impacting AT&T’s enterprise, consumer, and mobility services and create the tools used by developers inside and outside AT&T to build new apps and services. Her team is tightly integrated with the AT&T Foundry® innovation centers in Palo Alto, Calif., Plano, Texas, and Ra’anana, Israel as well as AT&T Advanced Technology in Bedminster, NJ.

Prior to her current role, Marian was Vice President of the Services Network in Research and Development at AT&T Labs. In that role, she managed 500+ world class engineers and computer scientists responsible for more than 200 programs impacting AT&T’s wireline and wireless services. Her responsibilities ranged from project management and service planning to development and testing.   She mentors numerous staff members and is an executive sponsor for organizations supporting Asian, African American, and Hispanic employees.

Marian joined AT&T in 1982 at Bell Laboratories and has held multiple assignments in integrated voice and data communications. She has received more than 100 patents in VoIP technology with more than 100 under review by the U.S. Patent Office.

Marian attended Princeton University and the University of Southern California and has a PhD in Social Psychology and Quantitative Analysis (1982). She currently serves on the board of the Holocaust and Human Rights Educational Center in New Jersey.


Christopher W. Rice, Vice President — Advanced Technologies

Christopher W. Rice is Vice President of Advanced Technologies, overseeing research and advanced development in networking and IP network management, network virtualization, big data, speech and multimedia technologies, information systems and visualization, algorithms and optimization, and scalable, reliable software systems.

Chris was previously an Assistant Vice President within AT&T Labs Research, where he was responsible for platform and services incubation.  His areas of research included broadband wireless network architectures, IMS service platforms research, network performance and measurement research, application management research, and new IP services research.  He has helped successfully launch three services into the marketplace based on his team's research. Chris has over 30 patents in his name and in 2005, was awarded the AT&T Distinguished Scientist Award.

In 1995, he joined then AT&T Bell Labs to focus on wireless and broadband communication systems. He worked on satellite communication systems, broadband data communication systems, and led development efforts for a digital radio-based, pico-cellular base-station, which provided in-building, mobile voice communication on standard cellular phones.

Chris graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Tech with a BSEE/MSEE and completed his MBA from the University of Central Florida while working full-time.  He performed post-graduate work with the WINLAB Center of Wireless Excellence at Rutgers University and received a Graduate Certificate in Wireless Information Networks.