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Our Research

Big Data Research

The mission of Big Data Research is to invent the new technologies and build platforms which empower AT&T’s Big Data initiatives. Our expertise is in Statistics and Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Databases, and Business Intelligence. Within our organization we have decades of experience managing and analyzing the industrial-scale massive data repositories generated by AT&T, its network, and its customers. On a given day we are poring through billions of transactional, spatio-temporal, and unstructured data records, and have developed cutting edge tools for streaming data management, analysis, and visualization of this data.

  • Statistics & Large Scale Statistical Computing
  • Streaming Data Processing & Management
  • Differential Privacy & Data Anonymization
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Database Research
Cloud Technologies and Services Research

The Cloud Technologies and Services Research Lab has been organizing its major projects around cloud, mobile, and service software to drive requirements for cloud technology, and illuminate the future of cloud-based services from mobile endpoints of all types, to network services that are the underpinning of the User-defined Network Cloud (UDNC). AT&T’s vision for the connected future is rooted in the work our Cloud Technologies and Services research program is driving around the network-capable cloud. Our work is helping propel the industry shift toward using software on standard equipment to perform network functions. We’re inventing ways to run existing network function and services in a cloud-based environment, to enable more collaborative development with partners and make services more flexible and cost-effective. We’re also exploring cloud-based verticals that provide the highest possible quality of service for applications and services placed in the cloud infrastructure. And as the data around us increases at an astounding rate, especially in mobility, we’re inventing new techniques for distributed cloud storage, both within AT&T and for our customers.

  • Distributed software & systems
  • Cloud technologies & services
  • Software system design
  • Software development & delivery in cloud environments
  • Virtualized mobile infrastructure
  • Network storage systems
  • Software-defined storage system
Intelligent Services and Platform Research

The mission of the organization is to conduct research that empowers the next generation of autonomous and interactive services. Areas of focus include multimedia analytics (video, voice and text), machine learning, business intelligence, big data software platforms, communication services and human/machine interaction. Our inventive scientists and technology engineers engage in key technical challenges that involve massive amounts of heterogeneous data and large-scale distributed computing. We continue to explore a new line of self-aware and contextual services that drive new revenue opportunities, reduce operations costs and increase emotional attachment to AT&T’s products and services. We have demonstrated significant business impacts in areas of multimedia cloud enablers and application solutions for a variety of business services including connected car, digital life, digital care, big data, emerging devices, and enterprise business.

  • Multimedia analytics (video, voice and text)
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Business intelligence
  • Big data software platforms
  • Communication and network-on-demand services
  • Human/machine interaction
  • Data Management, analytics, anonymization and routing
  • Digital care
Networking and Service Quality Management Research

Both traffic volumes and the diversity of network-based services and applications show no signs of diminishing growth. As customer service expectations also increase, service providers must fundamentally transform the technologies from which networks are built and advance the state-of-the-art in how networks and services are designed and managed. Our Networking and Service Quality Management Research program is focused on these crucial issues across mobile, IPTV, IP and optical networks and services. We invent cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize how networks and services are architected, transforming network efficiency and enabling the rapid creation of innovative new services. Our team explores intricate cross-layer issues, which require a deep understanding of the complex relationships across multiple network layers all the way through the application layers and services that use them. Furthermore, our team is leading the invention and prototyping within AT&T of new technologies that transform carrier operations methodologies from yesterday’s narrow focus on network elements faults and performance to a more comprehensive focus on the total customer experience. Our technologies are widely deployed and utilized across AT&T and the broader industry.

  • Network architectures
  • Network design and planning
  • Network control architectures, including Software
    Defined Networking & Network Function Virtualization
  • Network management
  • Application resource optimization
  • Video optimization
  • Application performance
  • Big data technologies
  • Data mining
  • Service Quality Management
Optimization, Reliability and Customer Analytics (ORCA)

ORCA’s technology mission is to create predictive models, optimization and analytics to cost-optimize networks and create a best-in-class user experience for our customers.  ORCA delivers original solutions to some of our Company’s (and industry’s) most compelling and urgent challenges, ranging from network optimization and reliability, to predictive analytics and modeling, Big Data insights, and agile development and analytics solutions prototyping. We are responsible for platform optimization as well as prototyping for strategic platform elements in AT&T’s Software Defined Network Architecture, aka D2, to intelligently scale AT&T’s network, enable rapid deployment of advanced cutting-edge features and services, and provide industry leading security, performance and reliability.  It’s also an exciting time for ORCA in the area of Big Data analytics as we bring together extensive domain knowledge of business, consumer, mobility and IP services, together with the required technology expertise to harness new business opportunities using Big Data.

The team is located in Middletown and Bedminster, New Jersey and consists of over 100 highly skilled researchers, data scientists, modelers and engineers with advanced technical degrees in applied math, statistics, operations research, engineering, and computer science. Leveraging a great depth and breadth of experience, ORCA serves as a corporate resource across all areas of the company, including Network, Strategy, Finance, and Marketing.

Network Optimization:

  • SDN Traffic Engineering
  • Network Function Virtualization optimization
  • Mobility & Enhanced Services Performance & Reliability
  • Fiber Network Planning
  • Access optimization


  • Mobility Forecasting & Analytics
  • Revenue Enhancement Opportunities for Enterprise Services
  • Customer Experience Improvements for Consumer Services
  • Big Data Location Analytics Insights

Agile Development & Analytics Prototyping:

  • Virtualized Services Platform Prototyping. 
  • Mobility Network Analytics
  • Big Data Platform Enhancements