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Leading Invention, Driving Innovation

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AT&T delivers a wide range of communications and information services—from industry-leading networks, to cloud computing, to mobile applications and entertainment services—to millions of users around the world.

In these dynamic marketplaces, invention and innovation are keys to growth.  As part of AT&T, Research is at a nexus of opportunity for leading invention and driving innovation.

Fulfilling this mission requires a creative mix of talented people with access to challenging, real-world problems. 

Our researchers are recognized leaders in many computing disciplines, and their expertise is valued in Research's close collaborations with other AT&T organizations, including development, network and service operations, corporate and regulatory strategy, and business development.

Most importantly, our collaborations provide us with access to complex, real-time systems and feature-rich services that move and generate vast amounts of data.

Massive scalability is a critical driver in our research and reflected in significant results, from the transmission of more than 100 Gigabits per second over a single optical link to the deployment of one of the world's largest multi-petabyte databases.

Improving and integrating AT&T's communications services have lead to Research's groundbreaking advances in speech technologies, network management, and information mining and visualization, among others.

Major advances often require years of study.  Our open collaborations with universities worldwide enable us to solve pressing problems faster and produce results that are of value to AT&T, to science and to society at large.

In addition to university collaborations, Research's internships and programs that promote STEM education continue our historic commitment to the education of future scientists.