Research/Data Scientist Positions at AT&T Labs


AT&T is the largest telecommunications company in the US – with more than 100 million subscribers, the largest Wi-Fi network in the US, and millions of IP television and high speed Internet customers. We generate some of the largest data sets in the world, and we want you to help analyze them.

In AT&T Labs’ Big Data Research organization, we develop new analytic methods for massive data sets to learn about our network and our customers, understand products, and improve services and operations. We are a pioneer in big data technologies - leading our industry in novel methodologies for fraud detection, service quality management, statistical computing, visualization, text mining, data stream management, and privacy protection measures, like data anonymization.

Job Description

We are looking for strong research scientists, data scientists, and software engineers with a passion for digging into large data sets and extracting knowledge through analysis and visualization. We work on problems that cut across all aspects of AT&T's business: network and service management, customer analytics, operations research, and other aspects of business analytics. You will have opportunities to invent novel, publishable methodology that advances the field of data science and addresses real-world problems. We work closely with other researchers in cloud technologies, service quality management, natural language processing, and also hand in hand with AT&T business unit leaders. For more information about our work, located in our Bedminster, New Jersey and Manhattan (Tribeca) locations, see Statistics Research and Information Visualization Research.


Applicants should have a Ph.D. or equivalent in Statistics, Machine Learning, Computer Science or other quantitative data science field. Candidates must have established excellence in research, and show a passion for finding solutions to real world, applied problems. Experience with large data sets, and the ability to use software to manipulate data and build implementations of your ideas is crucial. Experience with modern data management systems (Hadoop, NoSQL, Spark, Tez) is an advantage.

All qualified candidates will be considered. Some specific immediate needs include:

  •  Spatiotemporal analysis of mobile data. Our mobile network generates billions of records per day
    from handheld devices, each one providing a data point in time and space. Understanding the dynamics
    of this data through time series and spatial statistics helps us to best serve our customers, improve our
    network, and develop new services.
  • Data anonymization. We continually advance anonymization techniques—including synthetic data
    creation—to set and maintain the highest standards for customer privacy.
  • Statistical computation. We are developing high-performance statistical models and algorithms
    (mostly in R) to leverage modern streaming and data storage technologies. One example is our
    collaborative coding project RCloud.
  • Information Visualization. We conduct research and development in all aspects of visualization,
    including algorithms, analysis, and interactive data exploration of massive data sets, as demonstrated by
    our projects on Nanocubes, Twitterscope, Graphviz, and Visualizer.
  • Statistical and Machine learning for high-dimensional, unstructured data. AT&T collects high
    volumes of diverse data types (speech, text, image, network, geolocation), which require predictive or
    relational modeling. Natural language processing, dialog modeling and text analytics are core
    capabilities we are looking to expand through applications with virtual assistants and customer care. We
    seek additional expertise in deep learning, latent variable models, and matrix factorization.

For more information, visit and click on “Working with us”, or access the page directly


Outstanding PhD-level candidates at all levels of experience are encouraged to apply.  All other applicants or anyone interested in learning more about employment with AT&T can visit the AT&T employment pages ( our corporate website.


Important Dates

Our recruiting season begins in October and we will begin interviews in January. Applications will be reviewed on a continuous basis, until positions are filled. 



  • Your curriculum vitae, including your complete academic and professional histories and your publication record.

  • At least three (3) and up to five (5) references.
    Your references will be contacted by email and provided with a URL for uploading their reference letter. It's a good idea to contact your references now to let them know that they will be hearing from us.

You do not have to submit all references at the time you submit your application, but you must provide them to complete your application.

  • A research statement (up to 2000 words) describing your current research and your vision for your future research.
    Feel free to supply any other information helpful in assessing your application.


Selection Process

Note that candidates' applications and credentials are reviewed throughout the recruiting season. During this time, you may receive an email or phone call from a technical staff member to discuss your application. At that time or at a later date, you may receive an invitation to interview in person. An interview visit is typically one to two days in length. During your visit, you will give a one-hour lecture on your research and meet with technical staff members individually or in small groups.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications, not each applicant will be contacted individually.

AT&T Companies are Equal Opportunity Employers. All qualified candidates will receive full and fair consideration for employment.





How to Apply

The application process for research positions requires visiting two sites:

(1) Complete this on-line application at the AT&T corporate site. Provide your first and last names and email address. Then do the following steps:

  • Upload your curriculum vitae or resume (additional fields will be populated automatically from your resume)
  • Basic profile: Answer questions labeled with (*)
  • AT&T Research: Answer questions labeled (*)

We are still actively accepting applications. If you have any problems with the above link, please email  Erin Vey and proceed to the second step below. 

(2) Complete this on-line application at the AT&T Labs Research site. In addition to basic contact information, you will be asked for your CV, research statement, and at least three references. After submitting your application, you will receive an email containing the unique URL of your application record, which you may change or withdraw at any time. You can use this URL to add references as needed.

If you have questions or problems with the research application, please email