AT&T Labs seeks top notch researchers and software developers for the following positions:

Research Positions:

Software Engineer / Developer Positions:

AT&T Labs Research is a premier industrial research facility. We are dedicated to solving real problems in networking, data mining, large-scale systems, and in speech, language, cloud computing and video processing and to designing and deploying innovative services. We explore fundamental research topics related to these goals.  Current research areas are listed on Our Research page.

Our staff includes renowned researchers who have recognized for their scientific and technical achievements.

Here Kevin Li describes the collaborative aspect of working at AT&T Labs Research:


 AT&T Companies are Equal Opportunity Employers. All qualified candidates will receive full and fair consideration for employment.


How to Apply


The application process requires visiting two sites:

(1) Complete this on-line application at the AT&T corporate site. Provide your first and last names and email address. Then do the following steps:

  • Upload your curriculum vitae or resume (additional fields will be populated automatically from your resume)
  • Basic profile: Answer questions labeled with (*)
  • AT&T Research: Answer questions labeled (*)

We are still actively accepting applications. If you have any problems with the above link, please email Greg Gawron and proceed to the second step below.

(2) Complete this on-line application at the AT&T Labs Research site. In addition to basic contact information, you will be asked for your CV, research statement, and at least three references. After submitting your application, you will receive an email containing the unique URL of your application record, which you may change or withdraw at any time. You can use this URL to add references as needed.

If you have questions or problems with the research application, please email