University Collaborations


University collaboration is a vital element of the culture and innovation engine of AT&T Labs Research, bringing together graduate students with AT&T researchers to conduct cutting-edge research on problems of importance to AT&T. Students, who come from top universities, benefit from having access to exciting real-world Research problems, data, expertise, and mentoring, while working alongside experienced researchers.

Collaborations are governed by a standard, broad-based agreement established between AT&T Labs Research and the faculty member's or students' university. The agreement is flexible, allowing the collaborator to work remotely and to incorporate research results into their publications.  Such collaborations and the enabling agreements are typically the result of shared research interests between individual researchers and faculty members or as a result of a student's summer internship at AT&T Research.

Collaborations are initiated by AT&T researchers.  Once established, collaborations often continue for many years. Currently, AT&T researchers are collaborating with faculty and students across more than 50 universities worldwide.

Industry Collaborations

AT&T Labs Research actively participates and holds leadership positions in a wide variety of industry forums, consortia and standards bodies, including

  • IEEE
  • Linguistic Data Consortium
  • NYU Wireless
  • International Computer Science Institute
  • W3C
  • Voice Interaction Design
  • Applied Voice Input/Output Society