Intelligent Systems and Services Research Scientist

AT&T - Greater New York City Area

Job Description

AT&T is the largest telecommunications company in the world. Servicing over 100 million subscribers, we have some of the most sophisticated systems spanning across multiple research domains. We want your help to create AT&T’s intelligent network of the future!

In AT&T Labs, we are looking for exceptional research scientists with strong software skills and a passion for inventing novel and innovative intelligent services. Through your research, you will have a unique opportunity to have a transformative impact on a range of AT&T’s consumer and enterprise business services. Our charter is to create and deliver the most advanced technologies in the areas of speech recognition, speech synthesis, dialog management, natural language processing, image and video processing, and machine learning, in support of secure, personalized (context aware), adaptive (learn and respond to changes) and dynamic (robust and self-healing) systems. You will have opportunities to invent novel, publishable methodologies that advance the field of services research and address real-world, practical problems. You will have the opportunity to work closely with colleagues in cloud technologies, service quality management, big data analytics, and AT&T business unit leaders.

Desired Skills and Experience

Applicants should have a Ph.D. or equivalent in Computer Science, Speech, Natural Language, Multimedia, or mobile services and protocols. Candidates must have established excellence in research, and show a passion for finding solutions to challenging real world problems. Experience with large data sets, and the ability to use software to manipulate, model and analyze data on modern data management systems (Hadoop, NoSQL, Spark, Tez) is an advantage.

All qualified candidates will be considered. Some specific immediate needs include:

  • Natural Language Processing. Investigating, inventing and implementing state-of-the-art language processing techniques for innovative spoken dialog technologies and unstructured text analytics. NLP technology will be used to: (1) Create robust, context-aware, personalized, multi-domain virtual agents, leveraging speech and language processing technologies, and data available at AT&T in conjunction with large-scale knowledge bases. (2) Extract business relevant drivers and predictors from AT&T specific unstructured text corpora through scalable machine learning and domain adaptable deep language processing techniques.
  • Video and Multimedia Analytics. A good understanding of the video and multimedia content enables better discovery, recommendation, personalization, and management of content, and facilitates organization, utilization and sharing of consumer video and multimedia collections. Web scale video and multimedia analytics enable the creation of differentiating features for our services in the IPTV, mobility, cloud storage, and home security space.
  • Mobile services for 5G. AT&T mobility is focused on creating novel and sticky services that can stay ahead of the demands of its users who are consuming data at an ever-increasing pace and scale. We seek expertise in creating mobile services for next generation wireless networks. Knowledge in mobile applications development (IOS, Android), LTE, IP Multimedia Systems, M2M and IoT preferable.
  • Automatic Speech Recognition. Investigating, inventing and implementing state-of-the-art speech recognition techniques, in language modeling, acoustic modeling, speech search, and optimization.  The ideal candidate will use large audio and text databases for supervised and unsupervised training, write software tools, and find innovative methods to improve speed and accuracy of the AT&T Watson speech recognizer.


Outstanding PhD-level candidates at all levels of experience are encouraged to apply.  All other applicants or anyone interested in learning more about employment with AT&T can visit the AT&T employment pages ( our corporate website.


Important Dates

Our recruiting season begins in October and we will begin interviews in January. Applications will be reviewed on a continuous basis, until positions are filled. 



  • Your curriculum vitae, including your complete academic and professional histories and your publication record.

  • At least three (3) and up to five (5) references.
    Your references will be contacted by email and provided with a URL for uploading their reference letter. It's a good idea to contact your references now to let them know that they will be hearing from us.

You do not have to submit all references at the time you submit your application, but you must provide them to complete your application.

  • A research statement (up to 2000 words) describing your current research and your vision for your future research.
    Feel free to supply any other information helpful in assessing your application.


Selection Process

Note that candidates' applications and credentials are reviewed throughout the recruiting season. During this time, you may receive an email or phone call from a technical staff member to discuss your application. At that time or at a later date, you may receive an invitation to interview in person. An interview visit is typically one to two days in length. During your visit, you will give a one-hour lecture on your research and meet with technical staff members individually or in small groups.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications, not each applicant will be contacted individually.

AT&T Companies are Equal Opportunity Employers. All qualified candidates will receive full and fair consideration for employment.




How to Apply

Complete this on-line application at the AT&T corporate site. Provide your first and last names and email address. Then do the following steps:
  • Upload your curriculum vitae or resume (additional fields will be populated automatically from your resume)
  • Basic profile: Answer questions labeled with (*)
  • AT&T Research: Answer questions labeled (*)

If you have any problems with the above link, please email Amy Messina.