Software Engineer/Developer Positions at AT&T Labs

AT&T - Greater New York City Area

AT&T Labs, one of the world’s premier R&D Labs, is looking for passionate, talented and inventive software engineers to join its team full-time. AT&T Labs is an exciting place to work because of its unique combination of access to real-world systems and data, the ability to work with collaborators across the industry, and the opportunity to invent solutions for large-scale platforms, networks and services that impact hundreds of millions of consumers and some of the largest corporations in the world.

We are recruiting highly talented software engineers to collaborate on the implementation of innovative systems and services at the prototype, trial, and (in some cases) production phases. Successful candidates must be proactive, independent problem solvers, who thrive on collaboration. They must be able to quickly become familiar with complex, cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning or clustered file systems, as the need arises. We expect them to have the maturity and flexibility to move between high-quality, on-schedule software delivery and open, innovative exploration. The positions are based primarily in Bedminster, NJ, with options in Middletown, NJ and NY City (Tribeca) for some positions.

Desired Skills and Experience

Applicants must have an M.S., PhD, or equivalent in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related field; or a B.S. with several years work experience; and the following skills:

  • Strong programming and scripting skills in C/C++, Python, Perl, Java, Linux/Unix shell.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms.

Specific immediate needs include:

Speech, Language and Image Processing: AT&T Labs is a leading innovator in speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language processing, and video and image processing. Ensuring that these run efficiently on today's popular platforms requires sophisticated implementations of complex algorithms (machine learning, signal processing, …), and a solid understanding of operating systems (scheduling, virtual memory, file systems, etc.), underlying hardware (x86-64, ARM, GPUs), and distributed compute and storage architectures (Hadoop, Condor, Lustre, GlusterFS, etc.).

Big Data Analytics Platform. AT&T Labs is engaged in a significant effort to build tools for Big Data analytics, and to create a platform that integrates the tools with access to data from a variety of AT&T internal sources, thereby supporting data analysts across the company. Applicants should have experience with one or more of:

  • Data management systems (Hadoop, NoSQL, Spark, Tez)
  • Programming languages designed for analytics or big data processing (e.g., R, Scala)
  • Browser-based interactive data tools (Javascript, HTML5 Canvas)

Data Management: AT&T collects large volumes of diverse data types (speech, text, image, network events, geolocation), and AT&T Labs is building an integrated data infrastructure to support unified analyses of AT&T customer experiences. Applicants should have experience with:

  • Data interpretation
  • Big Data management, e.g. HDFS, NoSQL, Spark, Tez

Communications Services: AT&T Labs is developing innovative services, in such areas as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Unified Communications, for AT&T’s emerging 4G LTE network. We are also working with a number of existing collaboration platforms which provide audio, video, messaging and other services, in order to broaden the capabilities of users of those platforms. Experience with VoIP protocols and APIs (SIP, XMPP, WebRTC) is a plus.

Networking and Systems: In the AT&T Labs Networking and Service Quality Management Research center, we are inventing and driving cutting-edge technologies and prototypes for service quality management, SDN-based architectures and design, and cross-layer network analytics and design. This engineer will help with designing, rapidly prototyping, and experimenting with network and service virtualization for the above activities. Desired skills include:

  • Expertise in Cloud, Virtualization technologies (KVM, OpenStack, Hadoop) and working experience in commercial cloud environments
  • Experience working with various networking technologies such as TCP/IP, HTTP, BGP, OSPF, OpenFlow
  • Experience developing large scale systems, data processing and analytics
  • Experience developing database solutions and strong knowledge of database concepts
  • Interest in machine learning, data mining and applying natural language processing

Cloud Technologies and Services: AT&T Labs is building next-generation cloud solutions and services as part of a transformative company-wide initiative that leverages cloud technologies and SDN to fundamentally change the way in which AT&T builds and operates networks. Applicants are sought with experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • OpenStack and related technologies, including Nova, Neutron, Heat, Ceilometer, Swift, Ceph, Cinder, Taskflow
  • Cloud software application development technologies
  • Storage systems, especially distributed storage software technologies suitable for cloud environments

All qualified candidates will be considered.

How to Apply


The application process requires visiting two sites:

(1) Complete this on-line application at the AT&T corporate site. Provide your first and last names and email address. Then do the following steps:

  • Upload your curriculum vitae or resume (additional fields will be populated automatically from your resume)
  • Basic profile: Answer questions labeled with (*)
  • AT&T Research: Answer questions labeled (*)

We are still actively accepting applications. If you have any problems with the above link, please email  Erin Vey and proceed to the second step below. 

(2) Complete this on-line application at the AT&T Labs Research site. After submitting your application, you will receive an email containing the unique URL of your application record, which you may change or withdraw at any time.

If you have questions or problems with the research application, please email