Getting and Understanding the Bigger Picture

by: Information Visualization Research Group, Sun Oct 11 15:32:00 EDT 2009

Graph visualizations elegantly depict links and connections, revealing patterns and relationships in ways not possible through raw data alone. But large graphs pose hard problems due to the difficulty in positioning large numbers of nodes while retaining readability, and the difficulty in navigating and analyzing such large structures. Solving these problems is necessarygraph visualizations are needed to make sense of the vast amounts of data being collectedand may lead to more interactive, intuitive viewers that make visualizations part of the data analysis itself.

Tech View: Technology for Making TV Viewing Easy

IPTV - Bernie Talking Into Remote

Massive amounts of available programming, an array of accessory devices to manage and record the content, and electronic program guides for lookup: the result? Finding and watching a TV show has never been harder.

But new technologies and solutions—from voice remotes to connecting the household TV to powerful servers —aim to make TV viewing easy again.

Inside the Labs: A Summer Intern Making A Difference


What's it like to be an intern at AT&T Labs Research? What types of projects or research do interns work on?

Here's the story of one intern who came this year to the Labs and what she was able to accomplish in one summer. Meet Shiri Azenkot and iWalk.



Mapping Preferences: A Harry Potter Topology

Harry Potter Map - Small

Mapping book recommendations onto a fictitious topology, rather than simply listing them, makes it easier to see how nearby selections are similar. As a service to parents and kids everywhere, here are book suggestions based on Harry Potter. Click for the full image.