Geocast : Applications in Mobile GeoGames and Public Safety

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August 11, 2010


Robert J. Hall

Maria F. Fernández

Subject matter expert in Information management, XML, XML query languages

I am Assistant Vice President of Information and Software Systems Research at AT&T Labs, where I support scientists and technologists whose research advances the design and development of information systems --- with particular focus on the management and visualization of massive data --- and of networked infrastructure --- from cloud to mobile to pervasive computing systems.

My own research sits at the juncture of database systems and programming languages and focuses on domain-specific languages for data management in centralized and distributed environments.  I have co-edited several World-Wide Web Consortium recommendations on XML technologies that have become industry standards.

Currently, I am on the board of directors of the Computing Research Association.  I am also a board member of MentorNet, an e-mentoring program for students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  I am also past Secretary/Treasurer of ACM SIGMOD and a past associate editor of ACM Transactions on Database Systems.