Marcelo Worsley
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

years and also learned about artificial intelligence). For the one area he had no previous experience

StorEbook: How Goldilocks and the Three Bears is Driving Text-to-Speech Technology
. First, with so much artificial intelligence planned for the project, it’s hard to argue ...

PLOW: A Collaborative Task Learning Agent
people to intelligent reasoning systems. In 2007, his paper on dialogue-based task learning won the best paper award at the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).

Distinguished Speaker: Hackers and Inventors
; the world’s smallest PC; artificial intelligence agent systems; and the Hackerbot, a robot that can ...

Content Analytics - distill content into visual and statistical representations
Content analytics break down audio and video content into smaller visual or statistical representations for easier detection of anomalies, trends, and patterns.

Visual API - Visual Intelligence for your Applications
The Visual API provides Visual Intelligence to applications and developers through REST-based APIs powered by the AT&T Developer Program.

Jung, Gueyoung
Gueyoung's research is in Distributed Computing. His current research interests are in predictive analytics and QoS optimization for Cloud, by adopting Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Decision Theory Models for Applications in Artificial Intelligence: Concepts and Solutions
Jason Williams Decision Theory Models for Applications in Artificial Intelligence Concepts and Solutions {A case study of applying decision theory in the real world: POMDPs and spoken

International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools Vol. XX, No. X (2010) 1–21  World Scientific Publishing Company 1 A KNOWLEDGE-BASED METHOD FOR GENERATING SUMMARIES OF SPA

Selectivity Estimation Of Set Similarity Selection Queries
an artificial intelligence component which facilitates automating one or more features in accordance ... . FIG. 5 illustrates an approach 500 that employs an artificial