Edward McFowland III
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

true Using anomaly detection to ensure data integrity "Bad data leads to sub-optimal decisions ... . Ed McFowland III is one. Using anomaly detection to ensure data

Telehealth: Transforming from Sickness Treatment to Wellness Management
capability when data integrity must be preserved as users and their devices move about homes where RF ... , medical data at low cost. But the real value comes in sharing health <

Bringing (Web) Databases to the Masses
of coffee culture in 30 countries and co-author of Principles of Data Integration, to be published ... -dss.eventbrite.com/">here</a>. false Web databases, web structured

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Security versus Energy Tradeoffs in Host-Based Mobile Malware Detection
potentially be an “always-on” tool. • Checking the integrity of all kernel data structures can place ... kernel data integrity. Both tools use hypervisors to achieve iso

Less is More: Selecting Sources Wisely for Integration
of information surround- ing us and wish to integrate data from as many sources as possible. However ... integration cost, such as expenses for purchasing data and res

Katseff, Howard P.
tool. Darkstar is a repository for vast amounts of data. It suffers from a variety of data integrity ... by examining existing data and provides a way for users to quickl

A Small Tutorial on Big Data Integration Xin Luna Dong (Google Inc.) Divesh Srivastava (AT&T ... Integration?” Big data integration = Big data +