Managing Data at AT&T scale
: Consistency in a Stream Warehouse Bistro Data Feed Management System Update Propagation ... logic on which it is based) Daytona data management system Daytona is a prime

Sean Sanders
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

the data. Massive datasets require more care in the design or choice of tools and algorithms and more efficient data management." Read more. - Sean Sanders Patterns tell a s

Bringing (Web) Databases to the Masses
is an ecosystem to make it easy to discover, manage, visualize, and publish this data. Alon Halevy ... pre-register. Alon Halevy heads the Structured Data Management Rese

Social TV - View and Contribute to Public Opinions about Your Content Live
Social TV - View and Contribute to Public Opinions about Your Content Live (to be revised)

Swift - Visualization of Communication Services at Scale
Swift is a platform for large-scale visualization of network and transaction-oriented services.

Johnson, Theodore
Lately I have been developing Tidalrace, a next-generation stream warehouse, intended for applications such as Darkstar and BSA.

On Axiomatization and Inference Complexity over a Hierarchy of Functional Dependencies
data management tasks such as verifying, cleaning and reconciling data as problematic ... (FDs) have recently been extended for data quality purposes with various notions

Voice-Enabled Social TV
system. VoiSTV has three major function blocks: Data Manager, Data Mining Module and Application Manager. The Data Manager retrieves tweets relevant to T

Information Theory For Data Management Divesh Srivastava Suresh Venkatasubramanian -- Abstruse ... problems in data management need precise reasoning about information