A Call for More Energy-Efficient Apps
Professor. Her research interests encompass network systems, routing protocols, mobile and distributed systems, and network security. When apps aren’t designed to work efficient

Cutting the Electric Bill for Internet-Scale Systems
distributed systems. He serves on the steering committees of the Internet Measurement Conference ... , NSDI, and IMC conferences. This talk shows how operators of Internet-scale

Frontiers in Research and Education in Computing: A View from the National Science Foundation
and verification, concurrent and distributed systems, programming languages, and software engineering. Her ... in cyber-enabled discovery and innovation, cyber physical systems,

E4SS - ECharts for SIP Servlets
E4SS (ECharts for SIP Servlets) is open-source software that allows the use of sophisticated finite-state machines to program SIP Servlets.

eClips - Personalized Content Clip Retrieval and Delivery
The eClips project delivers customized video content based upon user profiles, based upon the MIRACLE platform.

Jung, Gueyoung
Gueyoung's research is in Distributed Computing. His current research interests are in predictive analytics and QoS optimization for Cloud, by adopting Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Mitigating the Effects of Software Component Shifts for Incremental Reprogramming of Wireless Sensor Networks
reprogramming in sensor networks. It does not 1882 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS, VOL ... to all the nodes in the network using 1884 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PARALL

PipeCloud: Using Causality to Overcome Speed-of-Light Delays in Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery
replication, speculative execution, and distributed systems. Our replication scheme builds upon ... consistent distributed systems [4, 12, 23]. Our pipelined synchronous

Our Research

AT&T Labs Research explores the technological possibilities in networking and communications to evaluate what is possible and help guide where the company should pursue development and deployment.

`Calls considered harmful' and other observations: A tutorial on telephony
Pamela Zave Calls considered harmful and other observations A tutorial on telephony Services and Visualizaton Towards UserFriendly Design 8-27 SpringerVerlag LNCS 1385