Telehealth: Transforming from Sickness Treatment to Wellness Management
true With healthcare costs skyrocketing, an aging population, and no political consensus for reform, technology may offer the fundamental healthcare change that's needed. A new generatio

Tech View: The Role of Telehealth Remote Monitoring in Healthcare Reform
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Beyond Jeopardy! The Future of DeepQA
and enrich every day. Applications in business intelligence, healthcare, customer support, social computing ... solve real-world problems in areas like healthcare through improved natu

Mobilizing Health
reducing societies’ overall healthcare costs. This talk will present our experience to date with mHealth ...

AT&T Research is working with standards boards, industry groups, and device-makers to design network architectures to seamlessly transmit data from medical sensors to those able to interpret the data.

Speech translation
AT&T Research is developing a real-time speech-to-speech translation technology so the translation starts as soon as speech is detected.

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Identifying Diverse Usage Behaviors of Smartphone Apps
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Dependability in the Cloud: Challenges and Opportunities
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Healthcare Hero
For innovations in technology and communications to improve healthcare, Robert Miller was honored to receive the 2013 New Jersey Healthcare Hero award by Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, a number of NJ Hospital Groups, and NJBiz Magazine

VisCareTrails: Visualizing Trails in the Electronic Health Record with Timed Word Trees, a Pancreas Cancer Use Case
false 13-16 L. Lins and M. Heilbrun and J. Freire and C. Silva @misc{viscaretrails2012, author={L. Lins and M. Heilbrun and J. Freire and C. Silva}, howpublished={Proceedings of the IEEE VisWeek Wor