Katie Kuksenok
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

science focus is on the intersection of human computer interaction and machine learning systems. She ... with a heavy emphasis on human-computer interaction

Inside the Labs: A Summer Intern Making A Difference
was one of them. From Pomona College with a degree in computer science and an interest in human-computer interaction, Shiri came by her internship courtesy of a fellowship

Cognitive User Interfaces: An Engineering Approach
how human-computer interaction can be modeled as a partially-observable Markov decision process ... and the Royal Society of Arts. He served as the senior editor of

Human-Centered Systems for Sustainable Living
in computer science, human-computer interaction, computer-supported collaborative work and perceptual ... false ecological footprint energy technologies homes inter

AT&T Natural VoicesTM Text-to-Speech
Natural Voices is AT&T's state-of-the-art text-to-speech product, taking text and producing natural-sounding, synthesized speech in a variety of voices and languages.

CHI Scan (Computer Human Interaction Scan)
CHI Scan is a real-time, web-based tool for analyzing call data and customer information in IVR systems. An interactive interface makes it easy to locate events and access, filter, and compare data.

Johnston, Michael J.
My research concerns natural language processing for multimodal dialogue systems and its application to the creation of prototype multimodal interfaces for next generation interactive services.

Living rooms getting smarter with multimodal and multichannel signal processing
to build natural Human- Computer Interaction (HCI) applications. This device is the first of its ... is an important step towards development of hands-free human-

Our Research

AT&T Labs Research explores the technological possibilities in networking and communications to evaluate what is possible and help guide where the company should pursue development and deployment.

., Hobbs, J. and Bear, J. 1998. On Representing Salience and Reference in Multimodal Human Computer Interaction. AAAI'98 Workshop on Representations for Multi-Modal