The Data-Driven Approach to Network Management: Innovation Delivered
-Driven Approach to Network Management: Innovation Delivered This is the first in a series of articles ... solutions being studied and put in place by AT&T Research. The job of

Book Interview: Chuck Kalmanek
and Reliability 7. Overlay Networking and Resiliency IV Configuration Management 8. Network Configuration Management 9. Network Configuration Validation V Network M

The Evolution of Internet Threats: A Case for Security in the Network Cloud
false Security, network management Farnam Jahanian Farnam Jahanian is Professor and Chair ... . His research interests include distributed computing, network security, and

Darkstar is a comprehensive network data resource and architecture that normalizes data from across AT&T networks and makes it easily accessible from one place.

CoCITe – Coordinating Changes in Text
CoCITe is a text mining tool for discovering and flagging unexpected word frequency changes that may be early indicators of serious events.

Sen, Subhabrata
Lead Inventive Scientist at AT&T Labs Research

Kim, Byoung-Jo J.
I'm a R&D researcher at AT&T Labs-Research. My interests are in mobile networking, wireless cellular technologies, mobile Internet applications, & evolutionary biology.

Optical Network Management and Control
as presented, with the exception of pagination. INVITED PAPER Optical Network Management and Control This article discusses optical network management, control, and operat

Proactive Network Management of IPTV Networks
Proactive Network Management of IPTV Networks R. K. Sinha, K. K. Ramakrishnan, R. Doverspike, D ... relations consequences, creates new challenges in protocol design, as well as

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, overseeing research in algorithms and optimization, networking and IP network management, optical ... Laboratories in 1980. He has extensive experience in network architecture,