A Call for More Energy-Efficient Apps
Measurement Conference (IMC), IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), and International ... Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), and International C

A Collaboration: Network Coding + Reliability
theory, algorithms, and network protocols. Calderbank in late 2009 formed a Multidiscipline University ... of implementing network coding and integrating it with TCP and other <

The Evolution of Internet Threats: A Case for Security in the Network Cloud
. His research interests include distributed computing, network security, and network protocols ... false Security, network management Farnam Jahanian Farnam Jahanian is Pr

Making the Mobile Web Fast
of the stack: device operating systems, browsers, network protocols, servers, and web content ... . Google’s Matt Welsh and his team are working to optimize all network layers fo

Smart Grid
AT&T Research is planning for the coming smart grid by working with standards boards and industry groups to ensure seamless integration everywhere in the grid, particularly in the home.

Gibbon, David C.
Lead Member of Technical Staff, Video and Multimedia Technologies and Services Research

Geocast for Wireless Sensor Networks
of protocols at the network layer — Collection and Dissemination. Collec- tion is a many-to-one routing ... performance, some geocast protocols [2], [5] use control traffic to l

Prediction of BGP Routes within an ISP
and predict the behavior of their network. How- ever, data collected from multiple interacting routing protocols is often incomplete and di cult to manually analyze. In this paper we pr

Our Research

AT&T Labs Research explores the technological possibilities in networking and communications to evaluate what is possible and help guide where the company should pursue development and deployment.

ACM Fellow, 2001
ACM ACM Fellow, 2001 For his influential research on fault-tolerant and dependable computing, configurable network protocols, and distributed systems, and for his outstanding leadership