Developers: Make energy efficiency a part of your app development environment
and makes specific optimization recommendations. This year, AT&T is releasing ARO as open-sourced ... makes specific optimization recommendations for an individual app. The solutio

Getting and Understanding the Bigger Picture
the introduction of advanced geometric and numerical optimization algorithms. Entirely new approaches including stress majorization and multilevel optimization were also required Additi

Convex Optimization: From Real-Time Embedded to Large-Scale Distributed
Florham Park Auditorium false convex optimization Stephen Boyd Stephen Boyd is the Samsung ... optimization applications in control, signal processing, and circuit design. Convex

The Art and Science of Matching Items to Users
and profitability of large scale recommender systems like content optimization, computational ...

Wireless Demand Forecasting, Network Capacity Analysis, and Performance Optimization
State-of-the art analytical approaches encompassing statistical methods, constraint optimization techniques, queuing models, graph theory, and network flow models for wireless traffic engineering.

Graphviz System for Network Visualization
Graphviz is network visualization software for creating high-quality, readable node-link diagrams of large-scale data sets

Karasaridis, Anestis
Author of the book "DNS Security"

Jung, Gueyoung
Gueyoung's research background is in Distributed Computing. His current research interests are in predictive analytics and QoS optimization for Cloud, by adopting Machine Learning and AI.

Datacenter Net Profit Optimization with Deadline Dependent Pricing
Datacenter Net Profit Optimization with Deadline Dependent Pricing Wei Wang1, Peng Zhang1, Tian ... and its impact to datacenter net profit optimization. We formulate the problem by joi

Integrating expert knowledge into POMDP optimization for spoken dialog systems
Integrating expert knowledge into POMDP optimization for spoken dialog systems Jason D. Williams ... knowledge and constraints such as business rules into the optimization process. This

One Dimensional Layout Optimization, with Applications to Graph Drawing by Axis Separation Yehuda ... problems are naturally 4 formulated as discrete optimization problems, where the co

of their local optimization methods that become stuck in bad local minima. However, we have ... optimization and compute the drawing by constructing each axis separately. Moreover, we