Tech View: The Role of Telehealth Remote Monitoring in Healthcare Reform
and Accountability Act, a government regulation that (among other things) protects the privacy of individual ... : privacy and how personal data will be used is on everyone’s mind today

Spam texts: What's being done?
confirmation. Your privacy is maintained; all complaints are forwarded to a messaging security ... of cell-phone privacy, and count against message limits for those without unlimited m

Vis-à-Vis: Online Social Networking via Virtual Individual Servers
false social networks (OSNs) privacy concerns Ramón Cáceres is a Lead Member of Technical Staff ... , virtualization, security, and privacy. He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist and hold

On the Internet Someone Knows You Are A Dog
false Internet privacy Balachander Krishnamurthy has been with AT&T Labs--Research since his PhD. His main focus of research of late is in the areas of Internet privacy, Online Socia

Assistive Technology
At AT&T Labs - Research, we apply our speech, language and media technologies to give people with disabilities more independence, privacy and autonomy.

Content-Based Copy Detection
Content-based Copy Detection is an enabling technology to discover repeated content and events in a large-scale content database.

Prediction Promotes Privacy In Dynamic Social Networks
Prediction Promotes Privacy In Dynamic Social Networks Smriti Bhagat Rutgers University ... (OSNs) has looked at privacy preserving techniques for publishing a single instance of the ne

Human Mobility Modeling at Metropolitan Scales
real person. They thus avoid many of the privacy concerns associated with source CDRs. The final stage ... ]. Privacy Measures: Given the sensitivity of location informa- tion, we took

Can Ferris Bueller Still Have His Day Off? Protecting Privacy in the Wireless Era Ben Greenstein ... -enabled laptops, and Bluetooth headsets, poses threats to our privacy that cannot be

danger to our privacy. We then discuss the challenges in the design of Tryst, an architecture ... . Not surprisingly, privacy concerns are driving the deployment of security mechanisms