Getting and Understanding the Bigger Picture
engineering, programming languages and tools, and machine learning. So how does Graphviz handle large ... programming for aesthetic node placement, drawing curved edge splines a

Frontiers in Research and Education in Computing: A View from the National Science Foundation
and verification, concurrent and distributed systems, programming languages, and software engineering. Her ...

Graphviz System for Network Visualization
Graphviz is network visualization software for creating high-quality, readable node-link diagrams of large-scale data sets

StratoSIP: SIP at a Very High Level
StratoSIP is a high-level language for programming SIP applications.

A new method for dependent parsing
indentation in programming languages. Few parser generators support dependent parsing, however ... and programming lan- guage specifications and are the foundation of many parsi

Delayed semantic actions in a dependent parser
and Subject Descriptors F.4.2 [Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages]: Grammars and Other Rewriting Systems—Grammar Types, Parsing; D.3.1 [Programming languages]: Formal Defi-

A reference model for requirements and specifications
Carl A. Gunter, ElsaL Gunter, Michael Jackson, Pamela Zave A reference model for requirements and specifications IEEE Software 3 17 May/June 37-43

ABSTRACT Language-based editors (LBE’s) for programming languages are central components of Interactive Programming Environments (IPE’s). These editors incorporate knowledge abou