Getting and Understanding the Bigger Picture
ordering of the nodes. Graphs arising from communication and online social networks are undirected ... . Radial layouts depict networks focused on some central node, as arises in

The Achievement of The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
and concepts taken from pure mathematics—cryptography, the use of graphs to study social networks ... collecting sequences. Then a student at Cornell, Sloane was looking at tree-like n

Vis-à-Vis: Online Social Networking via Virtual Individual Servers
false social networks (OSNs) privacy concerns Ramón Cáceres is a Lead Member of Technical Staff ... at Online social networks (OSNs) are immensely

On the Internet Someone Knows You Are A Dog
false Internet privacy Balachander Krishnamurthy has been with AT&T Labs--Research since his PhD. His main focus of research of late is in the areas of Internet privacy, Online Social

Graphviz System for Network Visualization
Graphviz is network visualization software for creating high-quality, readable node-link diagrams of large-scale data sets

Wang, Jia
Lead Inventive Scientist, Network & Service Quality Management Research

Prediction Promotes Privacy In Dynamic Social Networks
Prediction Promotes Privacy In Dynamic Social Networks Smriti Bhagat Rutgers University ... fgraham, bala, Abstract Recent work on anonymizing online

Enhancing Social TV through Social Media Mining
the development of products which marry social networks and TVs [40]. The phenomenal rise of social ... analysis and detection of in uential users in social

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AT&T Labs Research explores the technological possibilities in networking and communications to evaluate what is possible and help guide where the company should pursue development and deployment.

social networks, where information can be propagated ran- domly through all possible paths. For example ... in the graph-layout algorithm of Cohen [5], or for computing centrality meas