Network Data with a View on Society
visualization project, AT&T call data from New York City was used to help answer the following questions ...

Getting and Understanding the Bigger Picture
that intersect and nodes that overlay one another result in poor readability, and graph visualization ... for its large data collections, AT&T adapted its own network visualization

Get the Big Picture: Visualizing Complex Data
false Graph visualization patterns connected drawing programs Stephen is Executive Director of Information Visualization Research. He is interested in systems and algorithms for visualiz

To understand the data, move it closer
data visualization, visualization, visualizing big data sets, Kinect, Big Bets, Big Bet, Big Data Understanding massive data sets is a continuing research challenge, and as the scale of

Graphviz System for Network Visualization
Graphviz is network visualization software for creating high-quality, readable node-link diagrams of large-scale data sets

Swift - Visualization of Communication Services at Scale
Swift is a platform for large-scale visualization of network and transaction-oriented services.

Rowland, James R.
Jim Rowland is Director of Applied Data Mining Research, responsible for understanding AT&T customers and for the Analytics and Visualization Platform that is used to explore data and share insights.

Gansner, Emden R.
Graph drawing in theory and practice

Visualization research with large displays
behaviors. Interactive visualization tools and high-res- olution displays are crucial in pre- senting ... ;T InfoLab, we’ve been investigating various visualization techniques for manag

Visualizing Dynamic Data with Maps
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS, VOL. XX, NO. XX, JUNE 2011 1 Visualizing ... describe a map-based visualization system which uses animation to convey dynamics

Information Visualization
Information Visualization Research

Information Visualization - Papers
on Visualization and Computer Graphics., 2012. [PDF] [BIB] IEEE Copyright This version of the work is reprinted ... on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2012. [PDF] [BIB] The broad