Tech View: Cognitive Radio for Multimedia Home Networks
and powerline communications, wireless systems and data security. He is a Fellow of AT&T and the IEEE ... in the US, opens the door to a broad range of entirely new applications of

Three AT&T Reseachers Named IEEE Fellows
to measurement and modeling of broadband wireless channels and their applications to system design. Three ... , wireless local area networks and coding in wireless

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AT&T Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) - For energy-efficient apps
The AT&T Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) is a free diagnostic tool that helps developers optimize their mobile applications so they conserve battery power and respond faster to user input.

AT&T Research is working with standards boards, industry groups, and device-makers to design network architectures to seamlessly transmit data from medical sensors to those able to interpret the data.

Kim, Byoung-Jo J.
I'm a R&D researcher at AT&T Labs-Research. My interests are in mobile networking, wireless cellular technologies, mobile Internet applications, & evolutionary biology.

Infrastructure Mesh Broadband Wireless System: Example of Cooperative Wireless
Infrastructure Mesh Broadband Wireless System: Example of Cooperative Wireless Byoung-Jo Kim, N. K ... where cooperative wireless could help in cellular systems: Im

Enhancing the security of LTE networks against jamming attacks
). Nevertheless, as all wireless systems, LTE is vulnerable to radio jamming attacks. Such threats have ... wireless traffic sniffer. Note that details such as the system

Automatic Wireless Service Activation In A Private Local Wireless System
A secondary Ethernet-like wireless communication system overlapped by a dominant Ethernet-like wireless communication system, and including radio access and communication f

Automatic wireless service activation in a private local wireless system
with a private/localized wireless/cellular system (i.e. a secondary system) occurs within an area having an overlapping macrocellular primary wireless communication