Tech View: Cognitive Radio for Multimedia Home Networks
and powerline communications, wireless systems and data security. He is a Fellow of AT&T and the IEEE ... in the US, opens the door to a broad range of entirely new applications of

Tech View: Laying the Groundwork for the Coming Smart Grid
space on the AT&T network, or simply purchase existing wireline and wireless voice and data ... . Working with partners, including SmartSynch, a supplier of smart meter systems, and

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AT&T Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) - For energy-efficient apps
The AT&T Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) is a free diagnostic tool that helps developers optimize their mobile applications so they conserve battery power and respond faster to user input.

AT&T Research is working with standards boards, industry groups, and device-makers to design network architectures to seamlessly transmit data from medical sensors to those able to interpret the data.

Kim, Byoung-Jo J.
I'm a R&D researcher at AT&T Labs-Research. My interests are in mobile networking, wireless cellular technologies, mobile Internet applications, & evolutionary biology.

Mitigating the Effects of Software Component Shifts for Incremental Reprogramming of Wireless Sensor Networks
and wireless systems but not to reduce the delta or reprogram the sensor networks. 3.3.1 High-Level Idea ... Mitigating the Effects of Software Component Shifts for Incremental Reprogra

Geocast for Wireless Sensor Networks
used by many WSNs share the unlicensed 2.4 GHz ISM band with many wireless systems like WiFi ... Geocast for Wireless Sensor Networks Rajesh Krishna Panta, Robert J. Hall, Josh A

Our Research

AT&T Labs Research explores the technological possibilities in networking and communications to evaluate what is possible and help guide where the company should pursue development and deployment.

Science & Technology Medal, 2004
AT&T Science & Technology Medal, 2004 Honored for significant innovations toward fourth-generation wireless systems. 2004