From S to R: 35 Years of AT&T Leadership in Statistical Computing
true Today is a golden age in data analysis as researchers, given huge data sets, have increasingly ... useful information. Much of the genesis of today’s interactive data analysis and

Sensor Data: A New Threat to Smart Phones?
false Accelerometers and gyroscopes on smart phones and tablets make it possible for simple motions to rotate a screen or control a gaming action. But the motion data generated by these sensors may po

MIRACLE video content analysis
false MIRACLE, video, assistive technology MIRACLE video content analysis Demonstration of the MIRACLE video content analysis engine. miracle_dc.mp4 false ... Demonstration of the MIRAC

Language Processing as Signal Processing
in continuous-space modeling of language, including latent semantic analysis, neural network models ... , including latent semantic analysis, neural network models, and an exponential m

MIRACLE and the Content Analysis Engine (CAE)
The Multimedia Information Retrieval by Content (MIRACLE) project encompasses the technologies for video indexing, analysis, and retrieval with audio, textual, and visual content information.

Content Acquisition Processing, Monitoring, and Forensics for AT&T Services (CONSENT)
CONSENT provides a platform for detection and analysis of content for security and quality assurance.

Oppenheim, Richard F.
VoIP Performance; Call Detail Record Correlation & Data Mining for DPM and Traffic Analysis; Signature Based Performance Testing; Performance Analysis of Unix Based Systems; Simulation.

Kwan, Wen-hwei
Mobility data forecast and analytic; Global Access management data mining and analysis

Large-Scale Analysis for Interactive

Media Consumption
Chapter 1 Large-Scale Analysis for Interactive Media Consumption David Gibbon1, Andrea Basso1 ... analysis and metadata generation, and potential applications that utilize this metad

Analysis of SMS Spam in Mobility Networks
, abuse, spam, traffic analysis, cellular networks Abstract The Short Messaging Service ... spam experiences a yearly growth larger than 500%. In this paper we expand our previou

Parametric Analysis Of Media Metadata
set of analysis parameters. The method also includes comparing the first generated content descriptor ... generated content descriptor from the first file descriptor. 8086611 Parametric

Forward Decay Temporal Data Analysis
A disclosed method for implementing time decay in the analysis of streaming data objects is based ... , and for drawing decay-influenced samples. 8595194 Forward Decay Temporal Data