The Connected States of America maps communities
do they relate to communities people form through close interactions with others? As highlighted ... phone data to map people’s self-formed communities and understand how they intersec

AT&T Supports Higher Education in Science & Technology
true The AT&T Labs Fellowship Program (ALFP) every year awards three-year fellowships to under-represented minority and women students pursuing PhD studies in computing and communications-r

Challenges and Rewards of Space Exploration
between JPL and the research community. Her recent research interests are in modeling ... , communications, computing and software, as well as the rewards of fifty years of discoveries

Mobilizing Health
Florham Park Auditorium (180 Park Ave, Bldg 103, Florham Park, NJ), Non-AT&T visitors should pre-register <a title="here" target="_blank" href="http://att-research-dss.

Swift - Visualization of Communication Services at Scale
Swift is a platform for large-scale visualization of network and transaction-oriented services.

AT&T Research is working with standards boards, industry groups, and device-makers to design network architectures to seamlessly transmit data from medical sensors to those able to interpret the data.

Gangs of the Internet: Towards Signature-free Discovery of Peer-to-Peer Communities
Gangs of the Internet: Towards Automatic Discovery of Peer-to-Peer Communities Liyun Li∗ LinkedIn ... of a large network, can be decomposed into constituent application-layer P2P

Scalable Geocasting for Vehicular Communications
vehicles are present in that area. GeoVCom is ad hoc, scalable and can handle communications under ... rate. I. INTRODUCTION Vehicular networks provide the promise of communicating w

Method And Apparatus For Managing Communication Inquiries
communication device of a first user. The standard inquiry message can have an importance rating based ... . The processor can deliver the standard inquiry message and the importance rating to

Communication Devices That Utilize Various Communication Networks To Satisfy Communication Needs Of Device Applications
Communication devices may utilize services of multiple communication networks to obtain service for the various applications that the communication device provides. The