Tech View: Technology for Making TV Viewing Easy
the content, and electronic program guides for lookup: the result? Finding and watching a TV show has ... harder. With massive amounts of available content—some homes have access to 40

Easy Remote: Television’s First Killer App
-searching of television content as easy as picking up a TV remote control—the most widely used ... . Yes, we understand that we’re missing out on lots of great content that we’re paying

Demonstration of the iMIRACLE content-based multimedia retrieval system
false MIRACLE, video, assistive technology, ASR, WATSON With the amount of recorded video content growing every day, finding what you are looking for is a real challenge. Our solution is a mult

MIRACLE video content analysis
false MIRACLE, video, assistive technology MIRACLE video content analysis Demonstration of the MIRACLE video content analysis engine. miracle_dc.mp4 false ... Demonstration of the MIRAC

MIRACLE and the Content Analysis Engine (CAE)
The Multimedia Information Retrieval by Content (MIRACLE) project encompasses the technologies for video indexing, analysis, and retrieval with audio, textual, and visual content information.

Content Augmenting Media (CAM)
Leverage multimedia metadata to provide live alerts and intelligent content consumption.

Zavesky, Eric
Research of interactive video indexing and retrieval, multimodal interfaces (text, image, speech, touch, visual gesture), content processing, machine learning, biometrics, data mining, and NLP.

Gibbon, David C.
Lead Member of Technical Staff, Video and Multimedia Technologies and Services Research

COPS: An Efficient Content Oriented Publish/Subscribe

COPSS: An Efficient Content Oriented Publish/Subscribe System Jiachen Chen†, Mayutan Arumaithurai ..., ABSTRACT Content-Centric Networks

The Security Cost of Content Distribution Network Architectures
The Security Cost Of Content Distribution Network Architectures Paul Giura AT&T Security ... New York, USA Abstract—Content Distribution Network (CDN) archit

Method And System For Content Recording And Indexing
8689257 Method And System For Content Recording And Indexing United States Patent: 8689257 < ... Gibbon , et al. April 1, 2014 Method and system for content recording and indexing Abs

Large Scale Content Analysis Engine
David Gibbon, David Gibbon Large Scale Content Analysis Engine October ACM Workshop on LargeScale Multimedia Retrieval and Mining LSMMRM09