Managing Data at AT&T scale
false AT&T delivers a staggering 28 petabytes of data (7 trillion packets) each day ... network points. Analyzing this data in near real-time—and against a deep historical record—is

Network Data with a View on Society
SENSEable City Lab brings a whole new dimension to data mining. Historically, AT&T mined data ... measurements or census data. By bringing together scientists from various d

To understand the data, move it closer
data visualization, visualization, visualizing big data sets, Kinect, Big Bets, Big Bet, Big Data Understanding massive data sets is a continuing research challenge, and as

Big and Fast Data in the City
Florham Park, B104 false smarter cities, big data, cities, Lisa Amini Lisa Amini Lisa Amini ... of intelligence from massive amounts of sensor and other machine generated data. The Stre

Darkstar is a comprehensive network data resource and architecture that normalizes data from across AT&T networks and makes it easily accessible from one place.

CHI Scan (Computer Human Interaction Scan)
CHI Scan is a real-time, web-based tool for analyzing call data and customer information in IVR systems. An interactive interface makes it easy to locate events and access, filter, and compare data.

Zavesky, Eric
Research of interactive video indexing and retrieval, multimodal interfaces (text, image, speech, touch, visual gesture), content processing, machine learning, biometrics, data mining, and NLP.

Data Glitches: Monsters in your Data
Noname manuscript No. (will be inserted by the editor) Data Glitches: Monsters in your Data Tamraparni Dasu Received: date / Accepted: date Abstract Data types and

Bistro Data Feed Management System
Bistro Data Feed Management System Theodore Johnson Vladislav Shkapenyuk Divesh Srivastava ... , divesh} ABSTRACT Data feed management is a critical compone

Data visualization for high-dimensional data

Software package for data transformation