Building Speech Applications Just Got Easier: AT&T Releases Speech API
false Speech interfaces are becoming de rigueur because users find them easy to use. But implementing these interfaces is not easy. Speech technologies are complex and require expert knowledge. AT&

Katie Kuksenok
AT&T Labs Fellowship Award Winner

; in adult dialog, provocative hostility. A human instantly interprets the correct meaning from ...

PLOW: A Collaborative Task Learning Agent
years, he has been focussing on producing end-to-end working dialog systems that can connect everyday ...

Sustainable Computing and Telecom Can Contribute to Limiting Global Climatic Disruption
2008 he was the Leadership Dialog Scholar in Australia. The Copenhagen Summit concluded ...

Video - Analytics and Indexing
A background on analytics and indexing (i.e. metadata), their production, and use. Links to projects within the AT&T Video and Multimedia Technologies and Research Department.

Scalable Ad Hoc Wireless Geocast
An ad hoc protocol for addressing messages to geographic areas and its public safety and gaming applications

Abella, Alicia
Assistant Vice President, Cloud Technologies & Services Research

Visualizing Empirical Dialog Trajectories
1 VISUALIZING EMPIRICAL DIALOG TRAJECTORIES Jeremy Wright* Member, IEEE, Alicia Abella, and David Kapilow Abstract — Automated spoken dialog systems require systematic procedures

Applying POMDPs to Dialog Systems in the Troubleshooting Domain
Applying POMDPs to Dialog Systems in the Troubleshooting Domain Jason D. Williams AT&T Labs ... ) to a commercial dia- log domain: troubleshooting. In the trou- bleshooting domain, a spoken

Semantic Data Mining of Short Utterances
Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja, Lee Begeja Semantic Data Mining of Short Utterances IEEE Transactions On Speech Audio Processing Special Issue on Data Mining of Speech Audio and Dialog September

Abstractions for programming SIP back-to-back user agents
Pamela Zave, GregoryW Bond, Eric Cheung, ThomasM Smith Abstractions for programming SIP backtoback user agents Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Principles Systems and Applicatons of IP Telecommunications ACM SIGCOMM